Each one of us is an Atlas. A collection of maps, drawn from the seasons we’ve lived. Bound through memory and time. The places we’ve been. Inner worlds imagined. Lessons learnt. People adored and losses endured. The way we live has shifted and through isolation, we’ve found a new sense of togetherness. Formed connection through separation, even when two metres or time zones apart. Our world is forever changing and us with it.

Our future depends on now. On understanding the interdependence between each other and the earth. On committing to a regenerative existence. To a slower pace of life that nurtures space and time to breathe, heal and grow. Atlas is our resolution. To be better. For ourselves, for one another, for our planet.

When adventure feels like a distant memory, discover SILOU designer, Laura Drane’s escape. Rainy summer days in the Beddgelert and the Lake District. The Sun breaking through dappled clouds. The smell of freshly soaked grass.

For loungewear, Drane looks to the skies. Cloud, a light moody grey marle and Sunrise, a joyous, pale yellow that naturally Makes you smile. Tones inspired by this world we call home effortlessly combines a sense of grounding with sunny elation.

Poised at the intersection between movement and relaxation, our loungewear edit is all about the wind-down. The delicately soft, racer Eve Tank, oversized Niamh Tee and cropped Mahany Sweater are all about slowly but surely letting go. Silhouettes that curve with you. Silhouettes you can take everywhere. Any season, any place. For your next escape, or home work out.


"I look to the pieces we take with us everywhere, with us forever. And that's my inspiration"

 - laura drane, DESIGNER


People have an emotional and spiritual connection to nature. When the sun breaks through a gauze of clouds, you instinctively close your eyes and turn towards it. Basking in its light. In its warmth. Nature takes care of us, and we must take care of nature. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, SILOU has rewritten our brand’s circadian rhythm.

Atlas is rooted in purpose and edited with intention. Brought to life in ECONYL® regenerated nylon, Lyocell, a natural fibre from wood pulp, Organic Cotton and ECO-FLEX our own exclusive, recycled fabric. Italian made and GRS certified, ECO-FLEX balances lightweight breathability with squat-proof compression and shapes to the wearer, becoming your true form fit.

Produced in European workshops by experts in their field, SILOU is a celebration of considered craftsmanship in an often hurried world.

The great outdoors colour Atlas. Olive, a cornerstone colour for us and Ocean, a gentle blue reminiscent of the sea are offset against black and white. Signature silhouettes, such as our Audrey Crop, Pixie Legging and Ella Bodysuit, are complemented with fresh styles from Drane. Introducing the Paola Crop, a one-shoulder sports bra created for limitless movement. Halter inspired Arizona Crop and hip-grazing Sonya Top play with coverage for the SILOU woman. Designed for all of life’s moments – big and small, the Syanne Jogger reimagines smart casual. For more than your next workout, Syanne blurs the line between work and play, rest and action.

With fewer styles, fewer units and no seasons - we work to our beat. Listening to our customers. Learning as we go. Down the road less travelled. Drawing the map to our future. Another map for our Atlas.


we begin our journey at home
When adventure feels like a distant memory, move inside and watch time go by with sounds that make us FEEL at ease
As the sun breaks through the dappled clouds, and we stay inside, we feel content and warm
To move with a slower pace of life. slowly letting go
A playlist curated for brisk mornings walks, meditation, yoga and balance


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