"A marriage of luxury and sustainability - not either or."


Created for fitness, and designed for life, Silou is a luxury activewear brand which specialises in pieces that feel good on the body, perform in the gym and are kind to the planet

First Move

In 2016 former Victoria's Secret model and mother of four, Tatiana Kovylina, and wellness influencer, Phoebe Greenacre, joined together to create a premium activewear range designed by women for women.

Together they dreamed of a world where women could proudly embrace their body's silhouette, in which activewear was both sylish and functional (and long-lasting), and where fashion worked for the planet and not against it. They believed the only way to live in the world they dreamed of was to create it and so Silou was born.

Our Values

Built on three key principles of: quality craftsmanship, honest materials and elegance of design, Silou creates solutions for the modern woman, without compromising ethical values.

Silou collections are led by five key factors:

1. Feminine first design 2. Performance tested 3. Ethically manufactured
4. Non-toxic materials 5. Sustainably sourced

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Our Brand Values

Inspiring brand values are at the heart of the Silou ethos. These values are the foundation of the Silou experience that our team and community aspire to be a part of.


Designed by women for women, we believe in feminine first design.
We design with the female body in mind. This means, non-toxic materials, fabrics that are breathable and front-seam free bodysuits and leggings to avoid any uncomfort.

Movement & The Mind

We are more than just an activewear brand, we are on a mission to make movement better - for all. Our SILOU team are fitness and wellness enthusiasts and our vision is to inspire movement, in harmony with people and the planet. We love to motivate and incentivise people to move their bodies however it feels good in sustainable, toxic-free and recyclable activewear.


By definition, empowerment is about valuing people and giving them the right tools they need to achieve results. We believe in empowering our community and celebrating their diversity. SILOU supports women becoming stronger, more confident and empowers them to create their best life. We believe that by wearing SILOU you can achieve your goals. Whether it be a daily practice in wellness or movement or clothing to take you through your multi-hyphenate life.


We believe in creativity. Inspiring new methods towards sustainability and unique designs that encourage freedom of self-expression.


We strive for innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business operations. From product design, manufacturing, sustainable practices and customer experience. We are by no means perfect but our journey is a continuous improvement towards achieving excellence in everything we do.