London's best reformer pilates sTUDIOS YOU NEED TO VISIT

We've tried and tested the best London Reformer Pilates Studios so you don't have to. Find the perfect studio and teacher that aligns with your practice, from beginner to intermediate. Whether your at the begining of your journey or looking to play more in your practice these Reformer classes are on top form.

by nicole gallacher


The X-Pilates method develops extraordinary movement memory, technique and precision. We combine refined Pilates methodology with effective fitness techniques using expertly crafted reformers and bespoke equipment. Our Signature X-Pilates method is a dynamic Reformer Pilates class with a focus on core, strength, muscle engagement, flexibility and breathing. It's ideally suited to members who want to improve their athletic performance, posture and balance.


L2 Tempo Pilates™ AT TEMPO 301

This is most definitely not for the Beginner or the faint hearted. Even if you are familiar with Pilates and the reformer this class will test you to your limits. You will need to be familiar with the Tempo Pilates method as there will be less explanation and demonstration. Even if you are an experienced Pilates student, we recommend attending at least one Beginner/Intermediate class before attending.

You can expect the same great playlists… the same experienced instructors… but all taken to another level. This really is a go harder, or go home class.

You will find the moves more advanced, with increased reps and a step up in resistance, duration and intensity. You will require a higher degree of control, concentration and precision for these classes. They are for those who really want to challenge themselves, increase their overall strength and endurance and to be rewarded by maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.

Cygnet St, London, E1 6GW

central London


A powerful full body workout building strength, increasing flexibility and toning every single little muscle. This class is ideal for those who have mastered the foundations of reformer, though all levels are welcome with modifications. This class is unsuitable for pregnancy. Classes are done in bare feet or grippy barre/pilates socks.

11 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 2AG


Reform-X, PSYCLE

This fierce 55-minute full-body reformer-based workout is all about executing strong-and-steady moves that reshape your body, realign your posture and release your stress.

76 Mortimer Street, London, W1W 7SA