Mindsets and Style Resolutions for 2022 with Sarah Leigh - Travel editor for Farfetch and Blok Yoga Teacher.


We try to look on the bright side here at Virtual SILOU HQ, while we’re staring out at grey clouds or shivering on a cold walk, we like to use this contemplative time to take note of how we’re feeling and think of some new ways to move us through the next 12 months.
Many of us set noble intentions - resolutions that seemed clear at the end of 2019 - but now how do we stick to them? Whether it’s cutting out negative thinking or moving your body before the work day. We’re talking to London based Yogi, SarahLeigh, a brilliant teacher and Travel and Style editor for her considered mindset and style resolutions for 2022.

Here, Sarah shares her ingenious ways that move us towards positive change. Try all of them for a mind set boot camp of sorts, or take what you need and leave the rest, you’re guaranteed to take something away with you.

New Year's Resolutions - a complete waste of time? Or a mind/body reset?

I think the way you look at New Year’s resolutions is the important part. Often we set unachievable goals, or attach perceived ‘one day’ happiness to materialistic things. I have fallen into this trap in the past so now I try to set small, considered intentions at the start of each month instead of making a promise to myself about how or who I will be for the next 12. I move the goal posts the following month and strive for the next step, then at the end of the year I can look at what I’ve achieved - probably more than I would have if I expected change to happen overnight. New Year is a good time to reflect on what you want to work towards, but breaking down long term goals and practicing patience might be the key to achieving it.

How did you decide what you want to achieve for 2022? And what are your intentions for the next 12 months?

This year, instead of thinking about what I feel I ‘should’ achieve, I’ve tried to consider things that are currently making me happy and look at how I can strengthen them. Relationships, yoga, writing, travel… Three feels like enough, and I’ve tried to focus each one on a different area of importance to make sure there’s a bit of variety.


Dedicate more quality time to the oldest and the youngest people in my life.


Remove my workout ‘schedule’ and pay attention to how I actually want to move on any given day so that I prioritise rest as much as I prioritise movement.


Prioritise the work that genuinely inspires me and do it well. I work full-time in fashion, teach yoga and meditation and write travel features on a freelance basis, so my workload is quite intense. Last year I promised to be a ‘yes-woman’ and this year I want to re-set some of those boundaries.

Why do you believe most people have usually forgotten their new year intentions by February? And how do you plan on sticking to yours?

Boredom definitely kicks in when transformative goals are set too high or results are expected in the first 31 days. That’s why I think breaking your targets down and revisiting them at the start of each month - or even at the start of each week - is a good way to remain on track. Just like with yoga, a shift in mindset takes practice and persistence. Accepting that you might not feel excited about your progress every day but not letting that break your flow can be hard, but worthwhile. If your motivation is genuine and comes from a positive place as opposed to a restricted one, it should feel easier to stay on track.   

For people new to yoga, which activewear pieces within the world of SILOU, do you think is a good place to start for their practice?

Comfort is so key and Silou’s seamless jumpsuits are my absolute go-to because they offer such freedom of movement. But if you’re naturally more at ease in sweatpants and a baggy tee then I would recommend that.