Meet Sasha Alex Morgan

A Pilates session with Sasha Alex Morgan could double as a moving meditation. In this interview, Sasha leads us through movement and how this has always felt like a sanctuary to her.


1. What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is the understanding that each of us is inherently valuable and worthy of the commitment to daily self-care. One of my favourite quotes of all time is by yoga and meditation teacher Elena Brower,she said; 'when you take care of you, you take care of all of us'. It is my belief that we all have a critical responsibility to care for our minds and bodies every day. When we do that we are more able to keep one another healthy too.That is my interpretation of wellness.

2. As a pilates and barre teacher, why why would you recommend someone getting into one of these classes?

I would recommend Pilates and Barre to anyone hoping to build more strength and stability in their body alongside mobility. One of the reasons I love both styles so much is that we build deep endurance strength whilst moving through a large range of motion. For someone struggling with postural issues and wanting more precise alignment correction, I would definitely recommend Pilates the most.

3. You launched an online classes platform - do you enjoy teaching online or in real life?

I love being able to do both! Teaching online enables my classes to reach and help people that they otherwise wouldn't and means that I have a lovely online community I am really grateful for. Teaching in person is of course wonderful as I am able to connect in person with clients, give personal corrections and I will always love the energy of a busy London class!

4. Why do you think is SILOU different from other Activewear brands?

I have always thought that the fit of Silou is just so beautiful and it really does honour the female silhouette.The focus on sustainability by using recycled fabrics is really important to me too.

5. What other pieces from the SILOU collection do you have your eyes on and why?

I think the bodysuits are gorgeous and I love the black and white set!

6. If you could say one thing that has helped you from practising Pilates and Barre - what would it be?

That is so hard to answer as there are so many things! Particularly Pilates has helped me to learn proper alignment and form no matter what movement practice I am doing, as well as to activate my deep core correctly- I had no idea I was doing ab work inefficiently for years!

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