Initiated by Fashion Revolution co-founder, Carry Somers, the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign focuses on asking for and gaining transparency from brands. It's imperative brands stand up and support their supply chains and wider eco-systems, fairly and respectfully. A key thing we often get pulled up on is our price point. That it's too high, especially when you can find like products at half or even scarily an eighth of our price. Whenever we receive concern, we are happy to share the process. Share who made SILOU and educate our community of sustainable materials and small batch manufacturing premiums. On workshops with safe working environments that cares for their employees. Workshops that have no burn and landfill policies. 



We're big believers in buying less and buying better, not only for our SILOU community but when it comes to our own purchasing decisions. We are proudly small batch manufactured, but exactly does that mean? Batch production is where fixed quantities of products are manufactured. Consumerism favours mass production. The more you make, the cheaper it is. Each SILOU piece created starts with a 15% production premium, which is the reality for many small-batch manufactured brands. We work to the lowest MOQ (minimum order quantities) available, only making what we need. The less you make the more expensive it is and no matter where you cut costs, someone else will be paying for your 'saving'.

When you're a small brand, you have to help where you can. Tighter budgets and brand integrity forces us to be creative. Sustainable fabrics cost more, creating less costs more but this method of design and production works to create the world we want to live in. One where people are respected and valued, and our earth hasn't been compromised beyond repair.

If you have any questions or thoughts, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out



It’s estimated that over 60 million women worldwide, aged between 18 and 35 are working in the garment industry – and making less than minimum wage. These women are hidden away and working for high street and fast fashion supply chains, without respect, care and rights. Our makers, weavers and sewers are fundamental to SILOU. They bring craftsmanship, expertise and quality to each piece created.

In our whip fast consumer culture, everyone loves a bargain but we believe in creating the world you want to live in. We want to live in a world that values people first. So next time, you find yourself a bargain think about where you may be saving, who it may be costing more.

From our European makers who grow, spin, dye and produce the fibres for our fabrics to our London based team who work together to bring SILOU to you. When you purchase a SILOU-ette, you are not only going to receive quality, but you are supporting the slow fashion movement that is necessary today. We are very fortunate to know our skilled makers and people throughout our supply chain, from Portugal, Lithuania, Belarus and Italy to right here in the UK.