We're thrilled to share with you an exciting new partnership between Silou and NEUE Water. This collaboration encapsulates our shared values of design, quality, and sustainability, resulting in an exclusive, limited edition water bottle that you'll soon be able to grab. 


This isn't just about staying hydrated; it's about creating a better world in the most effective way possible. Each bottle of NEUE's premium Scandinavian artesian mineral water is housed in a sleek, 100% recycled, refillable plastic bottle designed for convenience and style. The revolutionary flat form design fits seamlessly into your handbag, pocket, or coat - perfect for hydration on the go.

Don’t miss out - these unique bottles will be available at upcoming Silou events, retail stores, and studio activations. Want to be the first to know when and where? Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletters and following us on social media to receive all the latest updates and invites to exclusive, special events. Together, let's make a stylish and sustainable impact.