Silou Cotton Jumping Rope

£29.00 GBP

Elevate your fitness routine with the Silou Cotton Jumping Rope. Made from durable cotton and adorned with wooden handles, this skipping rope is more than just a fitness tool - it's a testament to Silou's dedication to quality craftsmanship, functional design, and honest materials.

With the Silou branding elegantly etched on both the wooden handles and the accompanying cotton pouch, this jumping rope is not only an excellent choice for your fitness goals but also a powerful statement of your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

This skipping rope is your perfect partner, whether you're aiming to improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, or just add a fun element to your fitness regime. It serves as a gentle reminder of our core values and our mission to promote movement and wellness for everyone.

Every jump with this rope is a step towards a healthier you and a better planet. Stay active, stay inspired, and let your actions inspire others to #MoveYourSilou.


Free of harsh chemicals, and tested for hazardous toxins by OEXO-TEX.

Mindfully Manufactured

Built on quality craftmanship, ethical manufacturing and sustainably sourced materials to create solutions for the modern mover, without compromising ethical values.

Designed by Women for Women

Our team of expert makers and product developers design with the female body in mind. Accentuating comfort, practicality and confidence.

Silou Cotton Jumping Rope