Silou Cork Performance Yoga Mat with Cushioned Base

£135.00 GBP

Experience the fusion of both form and function with the Silou Cork Performance Yoga Mat. Crafted from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, this premium mat signifies our commitment to quality craftsmanship and our planet.

The mat's surface is made from sustainably sourced cork, providing optimal grip even in the sweatiest of hot yoga sessions, ensuring your movements are always stable and secure. The TPE cushioned base is not only gentle on your joints, but it also offers exceptional non-slip performance for a confident and focused practice.

As with every Silou product, our yoga mat is free from harmful silicones, phthalates, and toxic chemicals. With this mat, you can move your silhouette, connect with nature, and take a stand for sustainability, all while reaching new heights in your yoga practice. #MoveYourSilou


We use high-quality materials that feel good and are kind to the skin. Our products have been OEKO-TEX® approved and are free from any harsh or toxic chemicals.


Our highly technical and sweat-wicking materials are streamlined to support your hot body or a fast paced vinyasa class.

Shape Retention

Fitness professionals test and we create silou-tions, so rather than thinking about sweat marks and cup uncomfort you can power through.

Move In Silou Cork Performance Yoga Mat with Cushioned Base

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