Ksenija Selivanova

If you’ve ever indulged in a self-care ritual at home - their part beauty, part relaxation with an aspect of
soul loving, you’ve probably felt you were creating a moment for yourself. This week, we talked to
Ksenjia, also known as the Moments on Instagram, about caring for our soul with rituals, along with her
secrets to glowing skin and signature full and wavy hair.


What is the story behind “the Moments”?

My page through the years have seen many changes. But ultimately The Moments is a library of
happy moments of my life and my knowledge I accumulated over the year that I try to share of
the world. I try to be of service to people in the ways I know best- by sharing some self care
techniques that can be available to everyone.

Your go-to weekday beauty ritual?

Light a candle, make a herbal tea, pick up my gua sha and a favourite face oil, put Netflix on and
massage my face while watching a favourite show.

Talk us through how you create a moment for yourself?
For me my self care moments are my type of meditation. I struggle with stillness,so when I am
cooking or when I am doing my beauty routine - those are the times when I feel most present.
Surround yourself with thing,smells or sounds you love and try to connect to that moment
fully. So if I am cooking I try to touch,smell and look at every ingredient. This brings me into a present moment.

Proudest moment?

It has to be receiving my first client for a treatment in my home studio. It has been a long, but incredibly exciting journey and to be able to share my knowledge and provide that hour and a half of relaxation felt incredible. To see people leave my studio glowing and recharged is very rewarding and motivation to do more and learn more.

Typical hair look?

My hair lives a rogue life of its own. I wash it once a week and maybe brush it twice a week. So a
loose low bun or hair down are my go-tos.

Do you have any workout practices or self-care rituals that help you navigate the world in and
outside of your comfort zone?

Practicing and teaching pilates always shifts any negative energies for me. Sometimes I do not feel
up for it, but once I am moving I immediately feel more energised and positive. But even making
a warm of drink can be a self care moment. I mix turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and other spices
and add it to warm milk.The process and the results are very rewarding and calming.

How do you learn to take care of yourself, with food, face massage and other?

I learned a lot of self care routines and rituals from my mum, as well as cooking skills.And then
there was a lot of self studying, completing courses on different massage techniques, gaining
qualifications in beauty areas and learning from my clients.

We’re all about empowering the female form here at SILOU, what do you love most about your

I speak to my body daily. I say “ I love you body”.This is my shell that I inhabit and I try to treat
it well. I love all the curves, dimples,scars and imperfections as they are all part of my story.

Which items from SILOU make you feel like you can relax?
Mahany top and joggers are my ultimate chill at home set. I love the beautiful copper colour too, it makes me feel warm and cosy just looking at it.

Which are your favourite items from Silou to practice pilates and yoga in?
I love my Tatiana bodysuit. It’s stylish and very comfortable.