While the Christmas season can feel like a difficult time to slow down and take a moment for yourself, we’ve found setting the scene with a flickering light and soothing scent is a sure way to help you unwind and trigger the release of feel good hormones. Cue, Evermore, an ethically minded candle brand, created in the heart of London.  We pressed paused with Evermore’s founder Sarah Bell at her cosy London home to hear how she unwinds in style. 


Sarah, tell us more about Evermore and the story behind it.
When I first started making candles in my kitchen back in 2014, I didn’t know anything about how to grow a business. It took a lot of hard work and late nights. Perfecting my candles was the end goal and finding the right wax, the right wicks, and the right fragrance ratio takes time. I was still working in a full-time role, so I spent a lot of nights testing and trialing out different combinations until I finally found the perfect blend.Fast forward eight years and Evermore has definitely grown up! We’re still a very small, family-run team, but we’re so proud of how far we’ve come. The candle market is a very crowded place these days, so we need to make sure we continue to innovate and move forward. We have some big plans up our sleeves for next year!

One of the main Evermore brand values is sustainability, for people that might not know the impact of non-sustainable candles. Can you tell us the benefits of sustainable candles?
The brand has always had a real affinity with the natural world, and that’s down to my own love of nature and the environment. From the get-go, I wanted to make sure that sustainability was at the heart of my business. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we try our best to tread lightly on the planet and give back to charities that support the environment. Our supply chain is hugely important when it comes to making sure that we’re acting responsibly; we make sure that at least 80% of our supply is sourced within the UK. We also never use essential oils that put extra pressure on natural resources.

Whether it’s a Yin yoga at home, working from home or a cosy night in, nothing says warm and inviting quite like a scented candle. Can you guide us through how you would set the mood with Evermore candles?

Giving as a Gift

Scent is so subjective to each individual so for a truly indulgent gift, I would gift our Scent Library which presents the full Evermore range – 9 candles to discover; a fragrance to suit every room, time and place.

For Candle-lit Yoga at Home

Moon is the perfect fragrance to light up in the evenings and will make for a particularly relaxing yoga class. Scented with notes of rose and spicy saffron, this fragrance is ideal for winding down with after a busy day.

For Working From Home

Lighting up a candle in the middle of the day isn’t something a lot of people think to do, but I would thoroughly recommend it – I always burn our Grove candle whilst I’m working – the scents of pine and eucalyptus help to encourage focus and relieve any stress.

For getting ready in the Bathroom

Tides is the perfect scent for the bathroom – this scent was inspired by a trip to the Mediterranean,and whilst a bath or running water might not be a perfect alternative to the ocean, this scent was meant to be burnt around water and will set a calm environment.

For Unwinding

I created our North candle with relaxation in mind and although it’s one of the more base-heavy scents, it’s still a fragrance that I’m happy to burn all year round. The black pepper, cinnamon, oud and patchouli notes in this candle are ideal for creating a feeling of warmth to any space – perfect to unwind with, especially in the colder weather.

Tell us about your workout / working routine, do you have any rituals that help you feel your best?
It’s taken longer than I thought to get back into my regular exercise routine. Pre-baby, I was very active and set aside time to exercise. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I love yoga and running; my New Year resolution is to set aside more time for myself to focus on my fitness and wellbeing.

How do you move at your own pace? What’s important to you in Work, life or otherwise is to find your own rhythm.

At the moment, moving at my own pace is quite tricky but I do always try and take the time to be creative and have time for evaluating and refocusing. Having a little time to myself in the evenings too is almost non negotiable – it’s important to spend some time in solitude, especially as a mother. I find that if I can make time for myself, I can find my own rhythm and everything feels much clearer on the day to day.

You are a mum and a business owner. How important is comfort and elegance in an outfit?

So important! I’ve always loved fashion and although my style has changed over the years, comfort is the main factor, especially now I’m running around after a 1 year old who has just learnt to walk. I always feel better if I’ve got a stylish outfit on, so if it can look good and be super comfortable, it’s the perfect match for my busy and constantly juggling lifestyle.

Now that Christmas is coming, if you had to make a Silou Wishlist, what would you choose? 
I love the Mahany Crop sweater in copper and I also really love it in black paired with the Daisy Biker Shorts in black.

Finally, what is your word for 2023 - what values/ motivations / goals are important to you for the next year?

Patience. Nothing happens overnight and it’s important to trust the process. We have some big changes taking place at Evermore next year, which I’m both excited and daunted by. In moments of doubt, I remind myself of how far we’ve come and the ambition that fueled this journey in the first place.


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