Meet Goni Jung

We pressed pause with Yoga instructor Goni Jung and discussed her constant hunger to expand her knowledge of yoga. She observes an easy approach to movement — as something to be enjoyed even through life's stuggles. Here we dive deeper on Goni's take on style, health, and herself through the lens on yoga.


1. Goni, what are the practices you teach, and what inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

I teach all types of yoga -alignment-focused practice, flowy vinyasa and gentle restorative yoga. I always felt lighter and more positive after my practice so I believed that I could bring this feeling to other people so became a teacher.

2. Tell us about your style and what are your favourite pieces from the SILOU collection.

I usually like to wear simple, stylish yet comfortable outfits. I don’t think yoga clothes need to only be about comfort. My favourite brands give me a relaxed, yet elegant style.

My favourite pieces are PAOLA CROP and PIXIE LEGGING. They are so comfortable and also we can wear them inside water. So I often wear them when I go kayaking or SUP boarding.

3. Let’s talk about health and wellness - what are you currently doing to take care of yourself?

I always prioritize spending some time in nature for my self-care no matter where I am or how busy I am. I especially like going for a solo walk to relax my mind. As work from home has become a permanent fixture now, it’s even more important to allocate time for yourself to relax your mind and get the body

4. How has your relationship with yoga evolved since you started practising?

The more I do yoga, the more I find that I can be better at everything - across work, relationships with my people and taking care of my own health. Yoga is a foundation that keeps you strong and focused. It brings discipline and commitment. I love seeing the people I care most about getting positively affected by these improvements in myself.

5. What has been the most difficult part of your yoga journey and how did you overcome it?

Fortunately, there hasn’t been a difficult part in my yoga journey so far. I have been enjoying every part of it, even the challenges. Of course, injuries do happen but I never try to overreach or push myself beyond the limits of the day. You need to check in with yourself each time before practice and adjust your level of exertion accordingly. No journey ever goes in a completely straight line.

Every obstacle, every mountain, and every hardship can be enjoyed if you know they are the only way through to where you want to end up.

6. When do you feel most like yourself?

When I’m alone in nature, while hiking or doing yoga/meditation. I love that this life pleasure is free and accessible