Meet Tilly HEATH

Pilates teacher Tilly Heath, is best known for her variety of instructional workout-from-home videos on Instagram. From foam rolling Thursday, Barre and dynamic pilates, we pressed pause with Tilly to walk us through her lessons learnt and her achievements so far.


1. Tell us about your style of pilates, were you always passionate about becoming a teacher?

I fell in love with pilates over 10 years ago when I stumbled across a beautiful reformer studio opposite my office whilst working in the music industry. I felt physically and mentally stronger within weeks, it was like no other exercise I had come across, connecting mind and body and focusing on breath work. After a few years I decided to retrain as a pilates teacher with STOTT, I am passionate about helping people to move their bodies and feel stronger, my classes are fun and dynamic!

2. What is your latest workout achievement?

I recently completed my first triathlon which was both terrifying and exhilarating!

3. What’s something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

I lived in Thailand for over a year when I was 18 and can speak pretty good Thai!

4.How has it been balancing your practice with the responsibility of parenting?

I am very lucky that I'm freelance so teach during hours that suit me. I usually teach while the kids are at school, but it has been a huge challenge juggling both parenting and working regardless, especially during the pandemic! I'm sure many mothers can relate.

5. If you could say something to your former self, the one who just took her first Pilates class, what would it be? 

Go for it, you'll be so glad you embarked on this journey .

6. Who inspires you in your own practice and why?

There is an incredible pilates community on Instagram, we all inspire and support each other globally. I also love going to other people's classes locally to try out different teaching styles. Follow me @tillypilates