We talked to the most stylish person on Instagram right now, about interiors, her many many looks, favourite studios and the rituals behind her silhouette.


To mark the launch of our most recent collection, we were joined by India Sehmi (better known as @theindiaedit) to visit our showroom preview. We talked to the most stylish person on Instagram right now, about her favourite SILOU-ettes and where she wears them.

1. India, can you tell us how you got into fashion and interior design and what do you like about it?

It's been a very organic trajectory to be honest. It was a combination of a love of fashion and taking photos that led to the creation of my Instagram account, @theindiaedit, originally. I've always loved clothes and after years of dabbling in Instagram and blogging it started to grow in 2020. Interiors came into the mix as I redecorated my flat when my boyfriend and now fiancé moved in. I think we all became more aware of our homes due to lockdowns and that awareness turned into a desire to create a beautiful home environment, which led to the creation of @theinteriorsedit.

2. What does your current work-out routine look like? And do you have a favourite local studio?

I typically do Pilates about four times a week at home, but I loved discovering the Basic Space studio at the Silou event. It happens to be local to me so I'm excited to return to hone my yoga practice.

3. Can you name 3 things that you always have in your bag?

Sunglasses, tinted lip balm and my AirPods.

4. We love your home-decor Instagram page @theinteriorsedit - What are some interior design shops in London that you love?

Aw, thank you so much! I usually buy interiors online and I love Glassette, which has so many great independent brands I adore including Bias Editions, Amuse La Bouche and Clae.

5. Can you tell us how you would style our Paola crop and Kate Short , and where you
would wear them?

I think they look amazing together and make me feel so chic when I am working out. I recently wore them to play Padel, which is a racket sport I'd never tried before

6. What does your day to day look like now?

It's a constant juggle between my full-time job, content creation, life admin and wedding planning! Not to mention exercise, eating, socialising and sleeping...!