Recently, we invited a few friends of Silou to try and test our newest collection — Mineral. Experts in fashion, fitness and sustainability, we were joined by Eshita, founder of By Rotation (the first luxury fashion rental app). Which got us thinking - which pieces make her feel like she can take on the world? And what does a day to day look like for this female founder?


Eshita Kabra-Davies is one inspirational fashion entrepreneur. A self-described “global citizen”, Eshita was born in India, grew up in Singapore, studied in the USA and now lives in London. Having worked for over six years as an investment analyst and trader, she pivoted from finance to follow her true passion: fashion. In 2019 she creates By Rotation , the world's first social fashion rental app.

1. You launched By Rotation the world’s first social fashion rental app – why was it important to create this luxury rental service for your audience?

I wanted to create a sharing economy to make quality and designer fashion accessible to all - especially given that fashion is one of the top-most polluting industries in the world!

2. As a female founder, what does your daily routine look like?

No day is the same, but it always begin with puppy cuddles, ideally a gym workout in my very chic Silou gear (I have bought a few pieces over the years!) and spending time with my team at the office. I always end my night with a sleep tea as I am a light sleeper.

3. Do you have any workout practices or self-care rituals that help you navigate the world in and outside of your comfort zone?

I love to head to the gym on my own at off-peak quiet hours and will always end with a head stand. I love the blood rushing to my head, helps me reset!

4. What’s the most important thing you believe women need from their community right now?

We need authenticity from each other, because it allows us to embrace the people we truly are.

5. We’re all about empowering the female form here at SILOU, what do you love most about your Silhouette?

At 160cm, I used to be very conscious of being petite. I've now grown to embrace it, and love that my longer legs give the illusion of height when needed!

6. Which items from SILOU make you feel like you can take on the world?

I love the sport bras, they are so easy to wear when working out and also when lounging!