The journey begins with you. Inspired by the bold organic tones of a seascape at sunrise, Venus takes the SILOU woman from day to night, through this season and onto the next. True to our nature, each piece raises the bar for limitless movement whilst celebrating the female form. Innately sensual yet powerful, Venus calls to ask - where will the journey take you?

Embracing nature’s contrasts, the collection’s colours transition from soft pinks of early sunrise to the nuances of the rocky landscape. The palette - Pink Quartz, reminiscent of sunrise, a warm red aptly called Sundried and Botanical, a true forest green offset against black and white, is cool, balanced and completely right.

Maintaining a connection with nature, SILOU uses mindful manufacturing and ethically sourced fabrics as the foundation for Venus. We create ‘lifewear’ that doesn’t cost the earth, designed to move with you through all of life’s moment’s - both large and small. Committed to our journey of sustainable luxury we blend technical design with couture tailoring alongside biodegradable materials, non-toxic dyes and pursuit of progress, not perfection.

Venus is set to inspire movement and carry you through whichever journey you may take - outward or inward, the choice is yours.