Silou Bamboo Mobile Holder & Stand

£20.00 GBP

Presenting the Silou Bamboo Mobile Holder & Stand, a testament to our brand ethos of creating stylish, functional, and sustainable solutions for the modern woman.

This chic holder, crafted from durable bamboo with a lustrous lacquered finish, is a nod to our commitment to honest materials and the elegance of design.

Its dual slots accommodate both smartphones and tablets, offering convenience and versatility for your dynamic, multi-hyphenate life.

Just as our activewear moves with you, our Bamboo Mobile Holder & Stand supports your digital world, keeping your device accessible while you engage in movement, mindfulness, or creativity. Experience the fusion of nature, technology, and aesthetics with this accessory, designed to empower you to #MoveYourSilou.


We use high-quality materials that feel good and are kind to the skin. Our products have been OEKO-TEX® approved and are free from any harsh or toxic chemicals.


Our highly technical and sweat-wicking materials are streamlined to support your hot body or a fast paced vinyasa class.

Shape Retention

Fitness professionals test and we create silou-tions, so rather than thinking about sweat marks and cup uncomfort you can power through.

Move In Silou Bamboo Mobile Holder & Stand

Composition and Care
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