new beginnings

While we can't predict how our year will look, there is one thing we could all do with, and that's a new beginning on resolutions as a whole. While new starts invite new opportunities, we believe incremental changes can sometimes be more beneficial than creating many big goals. Here, we're sharing a few ways how to prioritise and bring joy to your own life's practice. Take what you need, and leave the rest, you're guaranteed to take something away with you.

by nicole gallacher


  • Perfectionism
  • Over setting goals for the year
  • Expecting everyone to drink Oat Milk
  • Taking your phone into a class
  • "No worries if not"
  • Filming in your yoga class


It's easy to get caught up in busy schedules, between work, family, friends and daily tasks. When you can, prioritise what brings you joy. It's easy to fall into saying yes to everything, but saying no is also a full sentence. Making moments for your own practice, whether that be yoga, pilates or meditation will give you a greater sense of self-appreciation.


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We can't show you how your year will look, but we do know that an optimistic mindset is beneficial to any risks you may take in life. Keeping an open mind and accepting positive changes in your life can help you adapt to any curve balls thrown your way.