Everything you need to know about Supplements

From Sleep & Stress Management to Skincare, Detox & Immune Support

by julia keller - anatome

Before using supplements, clients often initially believe the adage that “supplements make expensive urine”; that is, until they experience them for themselves. While supplements cannot be used as a replacement for a healthy diet, or as a way to balance off a very unhealthy lifestyle, they are a great way to easily add in vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy, boost immunity and improve energy and mood, especially in times when your body may need these most (1). Research has shown B vitamins, available in our Women’s Multi as well as in several other blends, linked with reduced depression and improved energy and wellbeing (2); and vitamin D is an effective immunity booster which has grown in popularity due to its’ effectiveness in the time of covid as well as research linking it with cancer prevention (3). Sometimes clients find that they notice the impact of a certain supplement blend taking effect within a short span of time; other times the effects are only clear when clients stop taking the vitamins and realise how much they were helping them to have more energy, manage stress better, feel happier, improve memory and concentration, etc. While a daily supplement is a great way to ensure optimum intake of necessary antioxidants (and we recommend the women’s daily made specifically with the unique individual needs of women in mind), at Anatome, we also have a range of additional supplements created to tackle specific needs. Below, our five most popular blends (outside our Women’s/Men’s Multivitamin) made to help with some of those more challenging requirements.

by an Reset, Relax & Sleep supplement blend.

While pulling an all-nighter can be fun at times, the repercussions of chronic sleep inadequacy can be dire on your body and overall health, and are particularly unpleasant if being unable to sleep is a problem and not a choice. Unfortunately, too many live with chronic sleep issues, often only trying to solve these when the effects of persistent sleep loss begin to impact daily life. Ensuring 7-8 hours (preferably 8) of sleep each night is critical to both immune and brain health, as well as to improved longevity. Sleep is necessary for optimum healing, cognitive function and mental health. Persistent lack of sleep can have drastic effects on both emotional and physical health and can impact eating habits and cravings: making you hungrier for the wrong kinds of food, potentially leading to over-eating and weight gain. Sleep is critical for most body functions to work properly and persistent failure to achieve sufficient adequate sleep can be detrimental to your health. It has been linked with aggression, mental health impairment and even Alzheimer’s and other dementias (5). At Anatome helping people sleep better more consistently is one of our key goals. We not only have four essential oil blends dedicated to sleep, a pillow spray, a sleep diffuser blend, a sleep candle and a sleep tea, we also have a sleep supplement with an impressive list of ingredients to help your body prepare itself for sleep and to help you stay asleep throughout the night. The idea is to layer various products with each other, depending on need. Our Sleep Specialists can advise on which products will help you best.

Libido & Stress Support adaptogen blend.

Along with poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, stress is a key risk factors of many chronic and debilitating diseases, including cancer (7), heart disease (8) and stroke (9). Unfortunately, stress is a much too common norm that is sometimes beyond our control. However, what is within our control is how we manage our reactions to stress. Both Yoga and meditation have been linked with stress management (as they encourage deep, calming breathing) and, improving both immunity and mental health (10). Anatome’s aromatherapy Balance + Stability oil blend alongside diaphragmatic breathing is an effective way to manage stress, as is sitting down to a cup of the the Balance + Stability calming tea while taking the time needed to unwind and relax. Adaptogens are a set of vitamins and herbs known to help your body and your mind cope better with the effects of stress (6). Our Libido & Stress Support blend is an adaptogen blend chock full of key supplements known to support adrenal glands and decrease cortisol levels, while improving energy balance to help you feel better even in more challenging moments.

Hair, Skin & Nails beauty blend.

Every day we are under attack by toxins in our environment that damage our bodies and our mind over time. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking to excess, drug use or eating a plethora of processed or sugary foods further add to the toxins our liver has to process. All of these can damage the liver and deplete your immune system, ruin your skin and age you faster while leaving you more prone towards chronic diseases. While eating vegetables and some seasonal fruit and exercising regularly, along with stress management and sufficient sleep helps to detox toxins out of your system, often additional help is needed. The Anatome Detox & Cleanse supplement, full of botanical extracts and antioxidants, helps improve liver function, protect against free radical damage and promotes detox.

Defence & Immune Support blend.

In today’s world of pandemics, epidemics and chronic diseases, we all need to strengthen our immune system on a regular basis. After all, our immune system is like our personal group of bodyguards within fighting on our body’s behalf to ensure our long-term survival. While most have an immune system prepared for defence, it needs constant help from us: namely choosing to eat healthy foods full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids, as well as making healthy lifestyle choices. Taking good care of your immunity throughout your life will pay off dividends as you age, helping you prevent many chronic diseases and ward of viruses commonly found in your environment. While a good diet and lifestyle are the first steps to immune support, often an extra boost is needed, particularly during certain seasons when viruses are more prominent or when stress is high and our immune system is already busy fighting pathogens, which is where supplements come in (1). The Anatome Defence & Immune Support blend contains herbal extracts used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda known for their immunomodulatory and inflammation-reducing properties.

In addition to the many supplement blends, teas and aromatherapy products, Anatome now offers a specialised service where customers can benefit from individualised support of a Nutritional Therapist to help guide them towards which blends are best for their unique needs. At the moment, the price of a session with an expert is redeemable against purchase. What better gift can there be to give yourself than the gift of optimal health?