Reset your fitness ritual with a 30 day challenge.

Teach your body a new groove and create a new habit with these motivating and inspiring January challenges. Whether you wish to get back into a fitness routine, try something new or develop your practice. Roll out your mat and enjoy embarking on a journey that’ll last beyond the 30 days.

by nicole gallacher

12 DAY | the light work program

A new year reset doesn't need to be about fixing ourselves or reaching some lofty goal. What if each new year served as a reminder to *reconnect* with ourselves? With our natural essence. 

This Light Work Program has been a labour of love, as Claudia Mirallegro shares her tools and practices to move your energy, soothe your nervous system, process your emotional materials, opening the doors to a clear, calm, and centered 2023. 

This is a holistic journey of movement, meditation, and journaling. This kind of of work and inquiry compels us to listen at the most fundamental level enabling us to practice kindness towards ourselves that extends beyond who we are and what we find familiar. Via these practices, we have the ability to be curious about feeling, creating, shaping, and exploring how to live, move and breathe well inside the body.

Inspired by the anatomy and beauty of the human form, allowing you to feel both redeemed and yourself all at once. Come as you are, breathe, and watch the magic that ensues from the inside out. 

This 12 Day Challenge kicks off on January 1st, but you can step in and begin whenever the time is right. 

The Light Work Program 



The Yoga Habit 2023 with Hannah Barrett

A 31-day yoga challenge for strength and nourishment of both mind and body. There is fun, challenge, strength, flexibility, meditation, restoration, mandala and much much more!