Meet the real #WOMENOFSILOU. From news reporters to corporate lawyers, we shine a spotlight on our real #WOMENOFSILOU. Find out what they do, why they inspire us and what their favourite pieces are from our new Venus Collection.

Anna Smorodskaya – Lawyer

I am a corporate lawyer specializing in international transactions. I love that my job constantly exposes me to new countries,  businesses, and people. I need to negotiate and find common ground with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and get to know the nuances of local legal systems – there is always a challenge. If I weren’t a lawyer, I would probably become a TV personality.

Favourite Silou item?

 I love the quality of all my Silou pieces. They are impossible to take off. My new Pixie leggins and bra are super comfortable and look great. My Natalia jumpsuit has been amazing for those long flights, and dressy enough for any situation at the airport.

Evgenia Mechleri – Chemical Engineer

I am a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Surrey. I love teaching and interacting with my students and doing my research.

If I wasn’t a Lecturer I would be a yoga teacher.

Favourite Silou piece

My favourite Silou piece is the Tatiana Unitard because it was a gift for my birthday from my friend Tatiana.


Ksenia Pane – Residential Development Surveyor/Valuer

I love valuing development projects in central London and being part of the city change.

If I wasn’t a surveyor I would be a surgeon. I am very shy and too open.

My favourite Silou piece

I love Silou jumpsuits for their flattering fit and comfort.

Julia Macfarlane – ABC News Reporter

I’m a complete news junkie so my favourite thing about my job is chasing breaking news with a front-row seat to the biggest stories happening around the world – it’s was always my dream to be a reporter, and every day is different.

If you weren’t a News reporter what would you be? 

I have no idea, since I have never wanted to work anywhere else – I think any career of mine would have to involve current and international affairs somehow. And travel!

Tell us something that not many people know about you? 

I’m beyond fortunate to have my dream job – but I really struggle with turning off and winding down. Yoga is a beautiful way to escape and to channel my tenseness and work my stresses out in a physical way. I also feel a bit more connected to my Indonesian heritage the more I grow in my practice, which helps me a lot in my own journey of self-love and acceptance, which, for someone who frequently beats herself up with worries, is an ongoing struggle!

Favourite Silou piece + why? 

Silou leggings are the best. I love how structured and supportive they are and they are cut so beautifully. The best activewear is the type you don’t have to think about, because you feel comfortable and know you look great wearing it.


I find music to be the universal language, which everyone in the whole world can speak, communicate and understand. It’s the most beautiful way to connect and empathise with one another. I love singing in harmony or in unison. There’s something magical and meditative about vocals vibrating together as one. I also am the founder of Majo Medicine (@majomedicine). A natural, organic, ethical and vegan skincare brand. Majo means witch in Japanese (I am half Japanese). I am a massive wellbeing and mindfulness enthusiast. Because touring as a musician is hard on the body, I am constantly studying ways to help me (& the people around me) to be healthy and happy in the body and mind.

If you weren’t a musician or the founder of a skincare brand, what would you be? 

I would work with elephants. Or I’d be a full time healer.

Tell us something that not many people know about you? 

I am a qualified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. I do a lot of research and study on spirituality and healing. I practise healing whilst on the road.

Favourite Silou piece + why? 

I love my Tatiana Unitard. It’s so comfortable and it hugs everything in! Creates a beautiful SILOU-ette

Caroline Golden – Clinical Research Manager

What do you do + what is your favourite thing about your job? 

I’m a Clinical Research Manager at DnaNudge and Research Associate at Imperial College London. I love that my job enables me to bring biotechnology that can really help people improve their health, right to the people who need it most, in clinical trials.

If you weren’t a Clinical Research Manager, what would you be? 

I would most likely be an architect, I’m very analytical and love working out problems, and I also have a very creative side that I think would be married well in the profession of architecture. I get my creative outlet workwise these days as a yoga teacher, which lights me up as I can see the benefits of the practice in people as they leave my class.

Tell us something that not many people know about you? I’ve ran a marathon in the Arctic Circle and cycled from London to Paris on a whim! I love an adventure.

Favourite Silou piece + why? I absolutely love the Pixie Leggings in Black/Botanical Garden. They’re so luxurious and make me feel beautiful in my yoga practice. The design is simple and elegant.