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As we return from the escapism derived from summer holidays, it is important to continue valuing time with ‘slow play’ activities that encourage mental clarity and relaxation.    

Time, the ultimate luxury and it is important to remember that life will be less about what you own and more about how you live. 

SILOU recommends a day off your technology every week and here is why; 

Google Is A Conversation Killer

The content of conversations changes when you are without technology. In a connected world, when a general trivia question arises, people immediately Google the answer, ending that particular line of questioning. Imagine that without Google everyone can have fun looking for the answers.  We propose creative storytelling or hilarious guessing games that lead to new inside jokes.  

Improved Memory

Even after a day without technology, your memory is set to improve.  The neuroscientists believe that this is because people are more present in conversation; your brain is able to process and store new information more easily. With the many distractions of technology, our brains have been trained not to register seemingly insignificant details. These minor facts are actually very important in the process of bonding and learning about other people. 


Shop The Cindy Bralette & Giselle Leggings 

Better Sleep

Look forward to sleep that is more rested and feel more rejuvenated. The neuroscientists believe this is because the blue light from screens suppresses melatonin in the body, making us more alert as we are going to sleep. Studies show that people who check their phone before going to sleep—and let’s face it, that’s most of us—don’t sleep well. 

New Perspectives

One of the most powerful possibilities is that you may decide on those major life choices while you are offline. The lack of constant distraction frees your mind to contemplate more important issues in your life. It could event provide the willpower to sustain a transformation. This is your time to shine (sans mobile)!