Audrey Crop Bra and Rosie Leggings

One of Soulcycle’s top-ranked instructors, Lauren brings big smiles and contagious positive energy to all of her workouts across London We went behind the bikes to speak to Lauren about her life in London, working for Soulcycle and discover the secrets behind her positive energy.

Walk us through your usual day? Do you stick to a routine or are you a free bird?

Every day is different which I love!
I teach at Soulcycle every day except Saturday (lucky I know). It’s great because I can work my schedule around classes.

Your Soulcycle mantra is
“You are exactly where you need to be”
– What does this mean for you? 

Stay in your lane. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We all work on our own timeline. So be proud of where you were, where you are and where you are going.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Soulcycle?

Honestly, there are so many things. I get to encourage and motivate a room full of people every single day. To hopefully make them feel part of something and lead them to feel confident and strong. But if I really had to choose it would be connecting with riders and seeing them connect with each other. Because that’s what Soul is about – community and love.

What tips would you give to someone who is a complete first-timer to Soulcycle? 

Have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. We are riding bikes that ultimately going nowhere. 

Has spin always been your favourite work out and how did you get into it?

Coming from a background in dance, rhythm is literally ingrained into my body,  so I started spinning whilst I was at university as a stress outlet and have loved it ever since. 

We love your music playlists, what’s your favourite song at the moment?    

The hardest question ever! This week it has to be Willow Smith – Waves of Nature.                 

Miranda Bodysuit

What’s your go-to pieces in your workout wardrobe? And your favourite piece from SILOU? 

My workout wardrobe has now taken over my life! Anything high waisted and with a high necked is an absolute winner for me. Being a little bustier, that extra support goes a long way, so the Audrey crop bra is my Silou go to! The Rosie leggings are my absolute favourite too, I’ve now got the black and green – I get compliments every time! 

Soho London is filled with so many cool spots, where do you like to spend your free time after a session at SoulCycle?                  

The cutest coffee spot called Le Comptior which is a 3-minute walk from Soul. If I ever have anyone in for class we always grab a coffee there after!  

What do you always take with you for a workout?

A hairband – honestly taming this mane is a workout in itself. There are some Soul instructors in the States that look so cool whipping their hair around. I tried. Nope. Not going to happen!   

Miranda Bodysuit 

You’re a true London girl, what’s your favourite thing to do in London?

This may sound strange but seeing London at night. Whether it’s walking along Southbank, going over Battersea bridge taking in the views or just looking up when you are in the heart of the city. It’s such an incredible place. 

What motivates you and inspires you? 

My Mum. She is my best friend and the most hardworking woman I know.

You’re a born performer – if there was a west end show about your life what would you call it? 


I am so clumsy, this morning I dropped my Tupperware of noodles upside down on the floor and I hadn’t found the lid yet. Rice noodles everywhere.

Emma Crop and Rosie Leggings

What does being a modern woman mean to you? 

Unapologetically being you and standing for what you believe in.

You’re so happy and positive on social media – what’re your thoughts on Instagram?

I think if you use social media the right way it can be an incredible platform. But you also have to be aware that people are ultimately promoting the best version of themselves.
I try to follow real people, accounts that encourage me to feel good and see things in a positive light. It’s easy to get consumed and endlessly scroll, I’ve had to put a timer on my social media usage! Life is for living, so go live it and get off the gram! 

Where do you get your confidence from? 

Training in Musical Theatre for 3 years helped. Also, just owning who you are, something which is still a working progress for me, but I believe being comfortable in your own skin makes you 10 times more confident. 

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