Working out can certainly sometimes feel like a task, so we think it’s important to find classes that get us excited to move and really take the boring out of working out. We are spoilt for choice in London with fitness classes and gyms so we thought we would make it easy for you and give you our top 6 must-visit studios in London.

Xtend Barre

Not only do we love Xtend Barre for being one of our main London instore stockists, but also because their classes are just incredible. We often try to squeeze a pre-office team work out in at least once a month. An Xtend Barre class incorporates elements of dance, ballet, and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. The combination of small refined movements on the barre and the dance movements on the floor, help keep the class super exciting and give you a full body work out. This is the perfect cardio infused class for those that want to be move but remain gentle on their body.


The beautiful KXU gym is located on Pavillion Road just off Sloane Square. We love walking from our showroom to KXU for a little morning sweat followed by team business discussions over brunch at the neighbouring Australian restaurant, Granger & CO. KXU offer a range of amazing classes from spin to yoga, there really is something for everyone.  From entering their reception/cafe you will be spoilt for choice with the most delicious healthy foods on offer and the modern dim-lit studio classes will not disappoint.  KXU take the whole experience of working out to a whole new level of luxe.


If you are looking for the best and most exciting spin class in London, it has to be 1Rebel! You will feel like you have stepped into a nightclub, the music is loud and the lights are off. This spin class really takes the thrill of spinning to a whole new level, with music, lights and background videos tailored to the class.  Their 1-hour classes will honestly leave you with the same endorphins from dancing in a nightclub but without the dreaded hangover.

Studio Lagree

If you love Pilates, then you are in for a treat. Studio Lagree is Pilates on steroids. The moves are slow, controlled but highly effective at targeting your abs and muscles. 5 minutes into a Studio Lagree class and you will start to feel your core engaged. This is the perfect class to help tone, refine and elongate your muscles, particularly if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose. You will walk out of this class and feel yourself looking for your new formed abs.

Barry’s Bootcamp

There are 5 Barry’s Bootcamp studios in London, and we like to visit the Belgravia studio located in Eccleston Yards as it’s just a stone through away from our Belgravia Showroom. Barry’s was founded in West Hollywood in 1998 and has been branded the “best workout in the world”. The combination of weight training, cardio and intense anaerobic exercise is what makes a Barry’s class a full head-to-toe workout. Our lunchtime workout is usually with the lovely Freddie Readhead. We definitely recommend a class to kick start your fitness journey, you will be left feeling exhilarated and excited for more.

Tri – Yoga

Long deep breaths and free-flowing stretches could just be the very thing your body needs. Not only is a slowed down exercise good for mental clarity but the deep breaths can also help flush out any toxins in your body and help with the detoxification process. The Tri-Yoga in Chelsea is within walking distance of our showroom and offers a lovely calming environment for practising yoga. If we have had a stressful day a restorative yoga class with the amazing Natasha Kerry leaves us feeling energised.