Today we press pause with Kathryn Fielding. Kathryn champions a multi passioned career including teaching yoga, clinical Nutritionist and Marketing guru at our favourite fitness studio KXU. We caught up with Kathryn to dive a little deeper into this beautiful #WomenofSilou. 

Describe to us how you like to start the day? What are your go-to morning rituals?

I’m not a natural morning person (understatement) but I do set an early alarm daily and force myself to get out of bed to ensure I make the most of every day!

As soon as I’m up I have a large glass of water (500ml min) to rehydrate after sleep and to help flush out the waste products which the kidneys have worked hard metabolising during the night. I then have a coffee with oat milk and try to get my cardio done and dusted. I do love the idea of a morning stretch, hot water, and lemon and meditation, but this ideal isn’t really ever going to happen for me! Once I’ve done my workout I have a cold shower and then I really am ready for the day.

You’ve just spent some time in Costa Rica- what drew you to that part of the world?

Costa Rica accounts for 0.03% of the world’s surface but it contains nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity! This tiny country has more varieties of butterflies than Africa and more bird species than all of North America. As a nature lover. visiting was an absolute must and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. We are damaging this planet at an alarming rate, so visiting areas which are highly protected helps educate you and the tourism generated also helps to fund the amazing work which goes on to protect these areas.

We can see from your Instagram that you are training for a marathon. Which one are you doing and is it your first one?

All being well (fingers crossed) London will be my third marathon at the end of April. I’m hoping to get a PB as I’ve thrown myself into training.

How long have you been practicing yoga for and why did you start? What type of benefits have you personally experienced from practicing yoga?

I’ve been practicing for 10 years now (4 as a teacher). I started to compliment my love of running but soon realised there is so much more to yoga than simply stretching. For me now yoga is the place I find stillness in a ridiculously busy world. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to focus and have the strength to push through testing times.

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What tips would you give to someone first trying out yoga?

For someone trying yoga for the first time, I would say try to not have any expectations. Yoga is so personal and means something different for everyone. You don’t need to be flexible to do it. You don’t need to meditate to do it. And you certainly don’t have to be a female. I would also say try different teachers as everyone’s style is unique and connecting with a teacher is also hugely personal.

If you could describe your style of yoga teaching in 3 words, what would they be?

Energetic, invigorating and challenging.

What’s your go-to brunch cafe after a class at KXU?

Well, I do tend to eat at KXU a lot but if I’m going elsewhere for brunch then I love The Dayrooms Café (Aussie inspired deliciousness) located in Notting Hill.

The KXU has an array of fab treatments. What treatment would you recommend we try out?

If you are training for an event, then the Cryotherapy Chamber hands down. 3 minutes immersed in mins 85 degrees reduces inflammation, speeds up recovery and helps strengthen your immune system which takes a hammering if you are doing endurance exercise. I do love a HydraFacial; your skin glows and your complexion is visibly brightened. If I have an event to go to this is the lunchtime fix I rely on.

At Silou, we love choosing natural and cruelty-free skin care products. Do you have any we should try?

Avoid spray deodorants at all costs! The chemicals you inhale coat your lungs, not to mention the amount of crap that will be absorbed into your skin. For me, natural deodorant is really important, and one which does the job properly too! I’m a fan of Nuud Care.

 After studying to become a nutritional therapist, what’s your take on veganism and the environment? What’s your approach when it comes to food?

I personally follow a pescatarian diet. For me veganism is rather restricted on a social level and when cooking for others. I find I need to really up my intake of grains to have enough energy which leaves me feeling heavy and in a bit of digestive discomfort! I think we could all do well to reduce our consumption of animal products and if you do eat meat / fish / dairy then it’s imperative (for your health and the environment) that you choose organic and ethically sourced food items.

When it comes to shopping, how important is it for you to shop ethically and from eco-friendly brands?

 We often overlook the importance of diligently looking into where our clothing comes from and as a society, we are hardwired to embrace mass consumption. I’m still trying to be more choosey and doing my brand homework. I am also trying to put a stop to buying cheap items which I don’t need and end up not wearing more than a handful of times! Clothes, like food, should be an investment. Less is more!

What do you look for in your activewear wardrobe?

Durability and style. I put my activewear to the test and need items which not only look good, they need to be functionally enhancing and survive a lot of washing.

What is your favourite piece from the Silou Resort collection? 

The Phoebe unitard is stunning!

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At Silou, we really value the idea of self-care. What’s your favourite way to unwind and look after yourself?

A stretch, a bath, and a good book. Taking myself away from the digital world is really important as I do spend a lot of time on social media (work and personal use) so I try hard to switch myself off in the evening. The best way to do this is to turn my phone off and shut down the laptop.

What would you say your mantra is for a ‘balanced life’?

Love. Laugh. Work hard and play harder.

Are you a podcaster? If so, what are your go-to programs?

I’m not so much a podcaster. I do however love TED talks. I’m a science nut so tend to stick to this category but do also really enjoy psychology talks too.

We believe that our nighttime wind-down is just as important as our morning rituals. Do you have any tips for prepping the body and mind for sleep?

Again, phone and laptop down. We are intrinsically habitual creatures, so I always have a stretch, a bath, and do love a pre-bed pamper (no moisturiser is safe with me in the building!). I use magnesium spray before bed too. Applied topically this relaxes muscles and helps me sleep.

Finally, what’s your favourite class at KXU?

HIIT and Run. I LOVE being pushed on the treadmill, working with speed and incline which I would never choose to do alone and I’m new to strength training but I am seeing the physical and mental benefits of embracing weights.

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