Describe to us how you like to start the day. What are your morning rituals?

I like to wake up slowly and do some gentle stretches. First thing when I get up is drink a big glass of water. I then make coffee and have breakfast (these days it’s a banana with peanut butter). If possible I try not to look at my phone at least for the first hour after waking up.

How long have you been practicing yoga for and how did you first get into it?

I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years, my mom is a yogi and I’ve always had her as a role model for being health conscious and looking after her body and mind.

Tell us more about Hot Pod Yoga and why you love it?

I love that it’s for all levels. It’s about making yoga accessible to people who might not otherwise try yoga. The heat and the sweat add a satisfying feeling and you easily get “hooked”. It’s a really relaxing and enjoyable experience (unlike Bikram which I find quite strict). Every Hotpod has a similar vibe, from the playlist to the essential oils that smell amazing, so whichever pod you end up in, you know what to expect, which can be comforting. But of course each teacher adds their own personal touch through their teaching style.

What tips can you give someone who might be just starting out with yoga?

Laugh when you wobble or lose your balance. Yoga is about having a good time, it’s not about achieving a perfect handstand, it’s about slowly building up to it and having fun along the way.

Where did you do your yoga teaching training?

I did my training with Celest Pereira and Nina Vukas in Ericeira, a village north of Lisbon in Portugal.

What were you doing before you taught yoga?

I was a business student in Victoria, BC (Canada), then worked in marketing luxury cosmetics in Paris, soon found out the corporate world wasn’t the right path for me and decided to follow my passion for yoga.

How long have you been living in London for and why did you decide to move there?

I’ve been in town for 3 years now! I took a leap of faith and moved from Paris after falling in love during a summer trip to Ibiza… My fiancé (he proposed last month in Mykonos) lived in London at the time and my gut feeling told me to move, so here I am. Best life changing decision I ever made.

What do you look for in your activewear wardrobe?

I look for activewear that enhances my silhouette and that is comfortable at the same time. Yoga clothes can be sexy and practical, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I also try and support ethical brands and ones that are more transparent about their production process. Generally speaking, the clothing and textile industry is so harmful for the planet and people on so many levels. So I love brands like Silou that value sustainable and ethical fashion.

What is your favourite piece from the Silou collection?

The Dita bra in sundried tomato is my favourite piece, the colour, the design and the fit.

At Silou, we really value the idea of self-care. What’s your favourite way to unwind and look after yourself?

My favourite way to unwind is at the spa, I love a sauna followed by a long swim and a hammam. Sometimes a glass of red wine and dark chocolate also does the trick.

What is your favourite quote or mantra?

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

What is your favourite book right now?

I am currently reading “The Art of Pranayama” by Iyengar (beautifully explains all the different breathing techniques in yoga as well as the author’s views about meditation and savasana). So much you can learn about your mind! 


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