Can you describe your daily routine? 

My daily grind is different from day to day! It either consists of playtime and the school run with my 5 year old son or an early 4:45am alarm to hit the studio for my morning classes that start at 6am! Don’t be confused, my early barre stars come out in full force and are dedicated, so to me my routine NEVER gets old! I love that I get to feel the energy through mummy and studio owner duties and that no day is ever the same!

Smoothie or coffee?

Depends on the time of day! I treat myself to my morning cup of Joe after I have had a full large bottle of water. I then tend to whip up a smoothie in between my classes which keeps me full of healthy fats, fruits, veggies and protein!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

A gentle stretch is what my body craves! Dropping my feet over the bedside and breathing before kicking off my busy day ahead helps align my mind and body. My son has even picked up on these habits and he starts his morning with a headstand. NO JOKE!

What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

Sundays are one of the busiest days in fitness! I spend my morning with my family and hit the studio to teach. It’s always nice seeing the weekend workout warriors! Sunday evenings are made for dinner and Netflix!  

You are a mum, wife and business owner – what is your secret to balancing them all?

I just keep moving! I try my best to think positively with each step I take. I surround myself with positive, supportive people so that energy continues to flourish and breed. Life is a great balancing act and finding things that you love to do ensures that even when difficult moments arise you are passionate enough to achieve and overcome any scenario. 

Why should everyone try Xtend barre?

Xtend Barre is more than just an insanely effective workout that sculpts and chisels the body. It not only builds long, lean, luscious muscles but couples a sense of community and spirit that is beyond words! The brand has become something powerful and Xtend is a lifestyle. If you have never tried Xtend before I encourage you to come and see what it is all about. It goes far deeper than a plie!

What would you say is the secret to a happy life? 

Surround yourself with likeminded, positive and kind people! Watch the magic happen!

What does ‘mindfulness’ mean to you?

Being present in everything you do. A conversation, a workout class, a board game and anything in-between. Sometimes stopping to acknowledge yourself and others goes a long way and helps build long lasting, meaningful relationships.  

Which Silou design is your favourite?

Aside from the amazing collection launching in October my favourite design is the Tatiana jumpsuit. Fierce, fabulous and feminine! Just gorgeous and flattering!

What is your favourite indulgence? 

Venchi Gelato! It’s our Tuesday ritual. 

Summer or Winter? 

I am so torn! I come from Arizona so the hot weather is in my blood. I love the sand in my toes and the sun kissed, Vitamin D rich skin. On the other hand, I love winter wardrobes. Hats, scarves, boots and coats. No matter the weather find something you enjoy! This is life!

The countryside or the seaside? 

Seaside is always my go-to! I feel most at peace when I can see water on the horizon and waves rippling.

If you could jump on the next plane out of London, where would you go?

I am off to the South of France this week! Stay tuned for holiday, insta-snap overload!

Finally, what can we expect from Xtend barre in the new few years?

More life changing, goal crushing moments! Come and join the movement!

You can shop the Silou collection in store at Xtend Barre Marylebone. To book a Xtend Barre class, please visit