Chic, feminine, and the ultimate nod to sophisticated sports-luxe, the Silou brand prides itself on creating luxurious work-out staples that slot in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. Making a statement whether worn at the studio, in the office or off-duty, each piece has been designed to leave women feeling empowered –– something our Founder Tatiana has put her heart and soul into achieving.

From her former days as a high fashion model to her current status as an entrepreneur and busy mother of two, Tatiana understands the needs of the modern woman and has channelled her experiences into developing activewear for those who want to invest in themselves both inside and out. Her eye for timeless garments and faultless tailoring can be seen throughout the entire Silou collection.

As the original Silou woman, Tatiana’s vision for modern activewear is disrupting the market and filling a gap for clothing produced with an ethical undertone and elegant aesthetics.

Here she explains how she wears her Silou pieces, and what it means to truly embody the classic Silou style…..

What the classic Silou style means to me…..

 Silou style stands for confidence, femininity and elegance – it’s timeless and never contrived.

 The Silou woman knows what looks good on her and is curious about fashion trends, but she always chooses what works best for her as opposed to what the new season dictates.

Classic Silou Style

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 How I plan my outfits…..

 When planning my personal outfits I always take the following aspects into consideration:

1. What is the relevance of the outfit? i.e what is the occasion and what do I want to communicate?

2. How can I achieve beauty without compromising on comfort?

3. Does it bring out the best in me?

However, in the end, the looks I choose always depend on my mood and how I feel on the day. Bohemian, sleek or boyish –– my outfits always reflect how I feel or what I am inspired by.

 How I create the perfect multi-functional Silou outfits…..

When putting my travel wardrobe together I find that my Silou pieces are especially handy. In particular, I love to wear Silou leggings with classic black pumps, a fun top and a smart jacket –– this type of outfit can take me from the plane to a social commitment with confidence.

And if I’m off-duty, I love to wear my Uma pants with a beige cashmere sweater, a long silk neck scarf with floral motifs and some beige suede moccasins. Teamed with a pair of heavy vintage RL gold plated earrings and you’ve got an outfit with the perfect bohemian touch. I wore this very ensemble the other day and absolutely loved it –– it’s ideal if you’re pushed for time as you don’t have to iron anything.

Classic Silou Style

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How I give my classic Silou pieces a fresh twist……

 I love adding colour and accessories to our classic pieces. We created our first collection with the aim to integrate it into any wardrobe and it really works –– just add bold colours, wear with chunky knits, denim, leather or tailored jackets, and add a little jewellery. All of these combinations work perfectly with each and every garment from the Silou collection.

Classic Silou Style

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 What the Silou Woman embodies……

Our ethos is built on three main principles; Conscious Living, Classic Style and Wellness.

This is what we stand for and we encourage the Silou customer to care about the environment, strive to find balance in their busy life and believe that all positive changes start from oneself.

The Silou woman embodies a strong personality and strong opinions, yet she speaks in a soft voice that makes others listen more carefully. Her power is her feminine side, she is a real modern muse and above all is brave, courageous, self-confident, independent and kind.

She is a traveller, she works hard and plays hard, is socially active and is appreciative of her solitude.

The Silou woman is a woman of the future as well as a woman of the now.

Classic Silou Style

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 My style inspirations……

There are many women throughout history who inspire me –– from Coco Chanel who had a humble upbringing and made a legend of herself by inspiring generations of people to emulate her style to Alix Gres, Elsa Schiaparelli and Diana Vreeland –– many of them lived and created way before my days.

Then there are living Goddesses like Jane Fonda with her inimitable charm and charisma, Meryl Streep and Carine Roitfeld. But I can’t name any that inspire me purely for their style –– it’s always their persona that comes first.

In that sense my grandmother was one of the most beautiful women I’ve known. She had wit, grace, style and enigma, and was one gorgeous magnet of a woman. So, really I’ve been lucky to have strong beautiful women surrounding me all my life.

However, for me, my biggest driving force and inspiration are my friends and colleagues. I look up to them and learn from them and then apply those learnings to every field of my life, be it personal, creative or business.