Here at SILOU, we are committed to creating premium clothing that moves with you through all of life's moments, both large and small. We want our pieces to be adored, inspire movement and stand the test of time. Through this season, the next and those to follow.


We vow to create elevated active essentials that are both premium and sustainable - not either-or. To create pieces that stand the test of time and transcend seasons, that prove fashion should not cost the earth. We ensure that every touchpoint from conception to distribution, is respected and cared for. We promise to never lose sight of this. We promise to be curious, to challenge traditional practices when they don’t align with our values, our present and our future. We would love to guarantee that we will be 100% sustainable by a given date but to say that, is to promise an illusion. What is sustainable now, may not be sustainable tomorrow. We promise to keep striving to create a better world.


We approach each of our business decisions with time, care and consideration.  Understanding the choices we make now, will impact future generations socially, economically and environmentally. It's a challenge, especially for a small brand but one we are 100% committed to. We challenge traditional industry practices that we believe are outdated and created for a time passed, rather than our own and the one to come. We are here to make a difference but are aware that we can’t do this on our own. We need help from our supply chain to logistic partners and to you, our customers who encourage us each step of the way.


Creating fabric and producing clothing requires water and energy. We intentionally choose textiles and manufacturing partners with the highest standards of sustainable environmental and social practices. It’s important to us to minimise our impact on the planet and endorse fair working conditions in every way we can.


Our process starts with intent. Rather than being trend-driven, our activewear is seasonless, classic and designed for longevity. We select colours and styles that we love and feel fresh year after year, no matter the season. Our pieces are mix-and-match so your activewear wardrobe does more with less.


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified and performance-tested, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and fit for human use. With no harsh chemicals used, production impacts on the environment are minimised, resulting in a fabric that is soft and safe against the skin.


We strive to be 100% accountable for our sustainable measures. Starting with creation and production, to how it is packaged and received all around the world. Sustainability has become a tool for design innovation and has encouraged the process of clothing to be more than simply beautiful. We want you to feel empowered when you choose to purchase SILOU and know that it is both socially and environmentally conscious.

We want to bring you, our community on this journey towards progress over perfection. We are the first to admit, we don’t and may not always get it right but we are committed to learn, act and adapt wherever and whenever possible.

With so many brands and industries adopting more sustainable measures, it can at times feel overwhelming, repetitive and downright confusing. SILOU was founded through a need for activewear that is sustainable and luxury, not either or. It is a part of our brand DNA. We want to transform how fashion is created, consumed and valued - not only through product but also people. Our aim is to be accessible and approachable along the way, to not commodify hard truths and necessary learnings.

We work to create more sustainable options. To seek out new materials and methods that support our environment. We want to add value to our SILOU ecosystem and accept this is ever-evolving. Sustainability isn't a checkpoint. There is no final sign-off. It's a process. We are on this journey to learn, grow and adapt. We commit to being fluid with our times and to move with change.