Our mission is to create luxury activewear that feels good on the body, performs in the gym and is kind to the planet. We do this through conscious design.


Silou is committed to creating premium clothing that is beautiful, functional, ethically responsible, long lasting and as sustainable as possible. Every purchase decision has an impact on both people and the planet, so we consciously put ethical practices at the core of our business. We aim to be a fully sustainable company by 2021.


Creating fabric and producing clothing requires water and energy. We intentionally only choose textile and manufacturing partners with the highest standards of environmental and social sustainability practices. It’s important to us to minimise our impact on the planet and endorse fair working conditions.


Our process starts with design intent. Rather than being trend-driven, our activewear is seasonless, classic and designed for longevity. We only select colours and styles that enhance the female silou-ette and remain fresh year after year. Our pieces are mix-and-match so your activewear wardrobe does more with less.


It’s crucial that our fabrics adhere to the highest technological, environmental and social standards, which is why we use bio-based luxury textiles. These are crafted using premium raw materials that are eco-sustainable using production processes with a limited impact on the environment.


We continuously test new recycled materials to ensure our activewear uses the most premium sustainable fabrics currently available. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the quality and feel will use the fabric to create new collections. By encouraging our textile partners to provide new sustainable-fabric options, we help drive demand, which expedites innovation.


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified and performance tested, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and fit for human use. With no harsh chemicals used, production impacts on the environment are minimised, resulting in fabric that is soft and safe against the skin.


Surplus product and excess fabric consumption contributes to fashion landfill and unnecessary environmental impact. To counteract this and reduce overall textile waste, we are committed to small-batch manufacturing; a sustainable and respectful approach that works for our business, our customers and the planet.


Our activewear is made with consideration and care in a sweatshop free factory in Europe. Our production houses in Lithuania and Portugal have a no-child-labour policy and surpasses European standards for good working conditions, a healthy work environment and fair pay for all employees. We regularly visit to ensure standards are met and to connect with our workforce.