Created for fitness, designed for life, SILOU is a luxury activewear brand specialising in clothes that feel good on the body, perform in the gym, shape and support, and are kind to the planet. Founded in 2016 by former model and mother of three Tatiana Kovylina, and marketing entrepreneur and yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre, the pair created their first range of functional, feminine “lifewear” as a response to their busy lifestyles and the need for multi-tasking pieces that could be worn to the gym and beyond, consciously. Technical yet tailored, SILOU clothes are always:


We work with textile engineers in Italy to create luxurious, performance-tested technologically advanced fabrics that are non-toxic, sustainable, moisture-wicking, body-shaping, soft on the skin, long-lasting and high-quality.


Based on the idea of wardrobe staples, our designs are classic, elegant, seasonless and versatile. Using a second-skin concept, our activewear performs both in the gym and throughout the day.


Our activewear is produced with dedication and care in sweatshop free production houses in both Lithuania and Portugal, which surpass European standards of good working conditions and fair pay.

Meet Tatiana Kovylina and Phoebe Greenacre, the women who together, started SILOU. Go beyond our leggings and get to know the women behind the brand as they discuss what goes into running a small business to what cocktail they would be. Behind SILOU are people, kind women who believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.

We want to live in a world where women embrace their silhouette, activewear is long-lasting, fashion works for the planet, not against it.  We create activewear you gravitate towards, for all of life's moments - both large and small. Designed to stand the test of time, SILOU is built to last.