Every day we learn something new that takes us further along our sustainability journey. Today, sustainability can be interpreted in many different ways, from ethical working conditions, mindful manufacturing, toxic chemicals and materials, or setting and working towards consistent long-term business goals. Here at SILOU, it means all of that and much more. We understand that as an activewear brand, sustainability is a long and ever-evolving process that is equally challenging as it is rewarding. It is integral to our brand DNA, as SILOU was created out of a need for activewear that inspired movement, as much as it minimised its impact on the earth - not either or.

SILOU starts with consideration and care. We are mindfully and ethically manufactured, however that is the absolute bare minimum any brand should be doing. As we challenge ourselves, our supply chain and delivery partners to do better, we want you, our community to do the same. Question the brands you buy into because who you choose to purchase with has a true ripple effect that goes beyond a pair of leggings or that new summer dress.

Our production houses are in Italy, Portugal, Lithuania and Belarus. Each of our suppliers are proudly sweatshop-free and have no-child-labour policies, two non-negotiables for us. They each surpass European standards for safe working conditions, healthy work environments and fair pay for all employees. We visit regularly to ensure standards are met and we pay our bills on time to ensure the people within our supply chain, the ones who make it all possible alongside us, are respected and cared for. We feel privileged to know the people behind the seams, that bring SILOU to life. To learn more about them look no further than here.

SILOU is rooted in sustainability, in a 360-degree approach to health, with you and our planet in mind - this includes the people within our SILOU eco-system. Small changes lead to greater movements and while we understand, what may be sustainable now, could be unsustainable in the next twenty years we are wholeheartedly committed to shifting, adapting and evolving with our world.