Fitness never stands still, constantly refreshing and reinventing to fulfil our cravings for all things health and wellness, and 2018 sees a smarter approach to working out.

Things are slowing down, with LIT (low intensity training) and stretching proving the key choices. LIT is set to revolutionise workouts this year. Standing for ‘low impact training’, it incorporates resistance-band work alongside rowing and elements of pilates.  LIT involves no jumping, running or weights, making it easier on the bones and joints. Leading this low-impact revolution is LA’s LIT Method.

Solidcore has developed its own specially designed resistance machine, the wonderfully named Sweatlana. Fifty-minute classes of high-intensity, low-impact movements.

London’s DeRose method blends yoga, martial arts, what feels like gymnastics and even mindfulness in a class.  The floor is padded – just to get your core quivering. There are also positive mantras, and soothing, colour-changing lights and cool music. Expect to feel strong, supple and of course, centred when you leave.

Also; as one to watch; the ‘now-age’ wellness takes a more spiritual approach. In a mix of astrology, nature and mystic rituals, classes use sound, meditation and movement to achieve a state of balanced calm.

Feeling and looking like sacred temples, spaces such as New York’s Inscape deliver immersive meditation and relaxation experiences that merge ‘tradition, modern thinking and of-the-moment technology’.

Classes at LA’s Integratron use sound and vibration to achieve profound states of relaxation.  Especially empowering for women, all female ‘conscious spaces’ such as WMN (also in LA) focus on healing therapy that harnesses the ‘sacred powers of the goddess’.

Based in Shoreditch, ChromaYoga is a revolutionary new approach to practising yoga. Combining light and colour therapy techniques, brain stimulating soundscapes and bespoke natural scents to creative an immersive, multi-sensory yoga experience for the future wellness thinker!

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