As we emerge from the festive season into January, it’s easy to be tempted to slump into a lethargic state of hibernation – after all, we’ve had a month of eating, drinking, late nights and excess; it’s still dark, it’s still cold and now we don’t even have presents or parties to look forward to! We may still be wearing our luxury activewear, but that’s more because it’s comfortable than because we’re active.

Like all Silou women, our founder Tatiana is no stranger to these impulses – perhaps this year more than ever, as she gave birth to her third adorable child at the beginning of December! What better excuse to cosy up and ignore our own body’s desires? Tempting as it is, though – whether you’ve just had a baby or not – your own health and wellbeing is far too precious to take too much of a holiday from. As Tatiana says – “The best way to get back into shape is to not get completely out of it in the first place!” After all, you don’t have to be the best – you just need to try to be your best.

So yes – in a perfect world, perhaps you would have committed to at least 15 minutes of working out every day in December, making that extra glass of champagne or festive treat feel more ‘deserved’. But – oops – you didn’t? Better late than never: start incorporating movement into your daily routine now. Walk everywhere – and even if you don’t fancy going to the gym, you can use your yoga mat or even just your floor to move your body. Stretch, breathe and reconnect – most importantly, with yourself.

What to eat?

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of modern life, but everything in moderation – and chances are that you’ve eaten out a lot lately! “Foods prepared by someone else also carry someone else’s energy,” says Tatiana, “so try to prepare at least some of your meals at home.” And that doesn’t just mean slamming a ready meal into the microwave – when you cook in your own kitchen, avoid processed foods and incorporate real goodness into what you’re eating. The more colourful your plate, the better: monotone meals are a no-no. Stuck for ideas? Make your diet more alkaline by starting every meal with fresh vegetables: they’ll provide bags of colour, boost your fibre intake and help to fill you up.

New Year New You

Get Physical!

And then there’s exercise. If you’re feeling stale with you regular routine, then perhaps it’s time to change it up. Why not experiment with a new type of exercise – you could try Nordic walking, or even kayaking or paddle boarding, depending on where you are. Can’t face leaving the house? “Try a new workout video,” says Tatiana. “I’ve had some fun with video workouts whilst being at home with a baby, when getting out and about wasn’t an option. Think outside the box; anything is possible!”

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How to stay motivated?

Motivation is vital and, while we’re all enthused by that mental image of our better, summery selves in a swimsuit on a beach later on in the year, we need to feel great now to encourage us to keep trying to feel even better. Working out in tatty old gym kit is not going to inspire us – most likely it will just make us want to rip it all off and get into something that actually makes us feel good! The answer? Invest in some of Silou’s premium sportswear to make you feel fabulous as you journey back towards your pre-Christmas self. Looking in the mirror and seeing your body in something that helps it to look amazing is guaranteed to inspire you to … look amazing!

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!

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