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Meet our Muse Milana

Milana wears the Milana Top

The Muse behind the Milana Top shares with us her inspirations and SILOU story.

Walk us through your usual day? Do you stick to a routine or are you a free bird?

I always have coffee with my love before walking to the office: it’s about 20 min walk. Once I arrive, I go out for a coffee (again) or juice next to the office. I need this time to set up for my day. Then I do my usual routine but I love some unexpected meetings or lunches – I’m very open for a last-minute surprise from life.

How long have you lived in France and what’s your favourite thing to do in Paris?

I have lived here for 17 years. I fell in love with this city during my first trip. I admire the beauty of Paris every single time I drive through the centre. My favourite thing to do in Paris is to sit on a terrace with tea or a glass of wine and chat with a good friend about life.

How did you begin your career as a creative director? and what inspired you to work in the creative industry?

I’ve been a model for a very long time and had the chance to work for a great industry.
When I was pregnant with my second child I asked my friend who was a creative director for a magazine to give me a chance to work for her and direct a fashion story. The result was fierce even I didn’t expect that. Since that moment I realised to express myself and my aesthetic was something I wanted to do.

Bringing together a team of cool people to create beautiful things is such a blessing. I think it’s really important as a Creative Director to bring a good vibe to shoots. I do not tolerate bad behaviours or disrespect on set.  When I can, I choose the team in order to have a positive day. Everyone should feel welcome and happy while working together.  It is a really important subject actually: feeling good at work where we actually spend so much time. I want people to feel happy, relaxed when they come to work.

Milana wears the Audrey Top and Pixie Legging.

What would you be doing if you had not pursued your career as a Creative Director?

My dream job at 14 years old was to be a journalist, but this was a long time ago.
To be honest, now I think my dream job would be in politics. Even at some local level. I think one day I will take that turn, it doesn’t go off my mind. One day.

What has been the best moment of your fashion career so far?

I think it would be all the fashion shows. Some moments during the shows are really magical.
My favourite so far was the GUCCI show, it was an evening dress part and Frank Sinatra was playing ‘Strangers In The Night’. The moment stayed on my mind. But in general, the best moments were with my friends after the shows.

What is some career advice that has changed your perspective? 

I found changing my professional path in my 30’s quite difficult. I had to go back studying at 28 (having two kids),v find my path and try other things. I thought going back to study at 30 was ridiculous and that it would be just taking time off from real life.  I  had to be dedicated as taking this time off effected my work and income.

 A woman once told me: Listen, if you really feel you should do it then go do it, it’s okay to try things out, it’s ok to make a mistake and it’s okay to retry again.

I suddenly realized that doing something you feel is important can’t be a failure or a waste of time. So my best advice is: it’s ok to try things and it’s ok to change your mind after you tried them.  At this moment in my life, it seemed like the right thing to do –  learn something new. I needed to do it for myself. I took a year off work and studied. Thanks to that, I moved up. I gained new tools and new perspectives.

Right, Milana wears the Suki Bra and Rosie Legging. Left, Milana wears Audrey Bra and Pixie Legging.

What is your favourite decade style-wise?

We’re often tempted to live in the past, the 70s 90s etc.
I love today’s fashion. All the styles are welcomed, which is great.

Where’s somewhere you go for inspiration?  

Travelling and seeing different places is very much an inspiration to me. I love art and seeing different expos in Paris. I’m excited to take my kids to Rome next week.

What kind of outfit makes you feel empowered? 

I love workwear. My favourite styles are a nice oversized (black) jacket and a pair of cool jeans, or midi skirt and a pair of heels. Kind of office chic for every day.

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

I shop a lot on Net a Porter and Matches.

How do you describe SILOU in three words?

SILOU is a very special brand to me. I loved working on the last campaign. I feel the ethics of the brand and their values are very close to who I am. I would say SILOU is sensual, elegant and soft.

What are your top picks from the SILOU collection?

I love the unitards. It makes the your body look just WOW! I think the sexiest piece is the Swimsuit. The lines and cuts make my body just perfect shape and I love how luxurious the fabrics feel.

Milana wears the Cara Tee.

What does being a Modern Woman mean to you?

It means taking responsibilities for yourself, your kids, and what you put out in this world.

How do you balance between being a Mother, Model and Creative Director?

I just say to myself “wherever you are, be all there”. It works pretty well.

To the right, Milana wears the Audrey Bra and Pixie Legging.
The left, Milana wears Ella Unitard.

If you could have a conversation with any person in the world (living or dead) who would it be and why?

I would say, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. I admire people who have wisdom and so much to give others.

If you had to say one thing you LOVE about your Silhouette what would it be?

My waist.

Milana wears the Miranda Body

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