Catie wears the Gwyneth Body

While you may recognise her from your recent XtendBarre class, Catie is so much more than your ordinary studio instructor. As an ex-dancer, she radiates positivity. Her personality and sense of style have become inspirational to women all across London. This week, our muse, Catie opens up about her career, barre community, what to expect from her Marylebone Studio and her life now as a mother of two. 

Introduce yourself, and tell us how you got into Barre?

My name is Catie Miller, I am a former professional dancer and performer and the founder and owner of Xtend Barre in London. After testing and trying many methods in and around the globe I knew Xtend Barre was the brand for me. Unlike other barre workouts that solely focus on pulsing and micro-movements, Xtend Barre includes a larger emphasis on dance while still incorporating fundamentals of Pilates and isometric exercises. The result is a lengthening of the muscles, not just a chiselling. The toning is paired with stretches and Pilates techniques that elongate the muscles to help you stand taller, achieving a dancer’s grace. After walking into my 1st Xtend Barre class my love of dance and movement was sparked! I also love that Xtend Barre challenges bodies of any age, gender or fitness background, exercises can be modified for beginners, prenatal clients or clients with injuries. Xtend Barre is truly for everyBODY!

Are you a get-up and go, kind of girl? And what does your morning routine look like now with two kids? 

I have learned to be a morning person! My morning routines vary—some days I am up at 4:30 am getting ready to hit the barre for my 6 am classes or prepping the kids for the school run. If I could tell my college self how much I would be capable of completing before 9 am— she would be proud!

You’re a mum of two, wife, business owner and source of enthusiasm and positivity for your team and clients, what keeps you energised and filled up?

I love my life and I love my job. I have worked incredibly hard on myself to ensure I can give the best of ME to all my relationships. I enjoy building authentic relationships and hope to bring positivity to every situation in my life—we all seek acknowledgement, love and joy!

Catie wears the Gwyneth Unitard

Originally from the USA, what drew you to London? 

I moved to London to be with my handsome hubby 10 years ago! After completing my Bachelor’s at Arizona State University I decided to adventure and take the leap to London. I have always dreamed of living the city life and I feel I have gained such a worldly perspective being here in this wonderful city!

What gave you the courage to start a Barre Studio? 

Upon moving to London I was seeking connection. I tried out lots of studios around London and one major thing that was lacking was a sense of community. Once discovering the Xtend Barre method, I knew I had to find a way to bring it to London. I have now been involved in this business for 5 years and I will forever say, “Xtend goes far deeper than a plie”. Building our community of clients and instructors has been the driving force behind my perseverance as an entrepreneur and start-up company.

Your classes always have a great playlist – what’s your ultimate Xtend Barre workout tune?

Ahh, music is life! I love a mixture of new and old school vibes! My playlists are incredibly important in driving that extra bit further when your mind begins to race. I am always switching it up to ensure it stays fresh.

Left, SILOU Founder, Tatiana wears the Gwyneth Unitard. Left, Catie wears Gwyneth Unitard.

When teaching up to 5 classes a day, what do you look for in your activewear wardrobe?

I need longevity, shape, comfort and fashion!

If you could describe SILOU in three words, what would they be? 


You always look so chic, what are your go-to fashion brands when you’re not in the studio?

I am so happy that athleisure is now a thing! I wear a lot of my pieces in and out of the studio. Some of my favourite brands include Anine Bing, Sandro, Maje and Vintage by Misty!

Catie wears the Gwyneth Unitard

If you had to say one thing you love about your SILOU-ette, what would it be? 

I love my legs! I always dreamed of being a Rockette to can-can kick them at Radio City Music Hall, however, other dreams called my name!

Tell us a lesson you keep trying to learn – that you hope to eventually master, in business or otherwise? 

Trust the process. I continue to remind myself of this on a daily basis! As my father once said, ‘One minute you are basking in the sun and the next you are crashed against the rocks’—this is life, resilience is key and surrounding yourself with a support network is integral to your success and happiness!

What does the definition of success mean to you? 


Catie wears the Ella Unitard

If you could gift an album or book to someone what would it be?

The Power of Now.  My copy is currently on loan to a friend. I read it over and over as during different stages in my life it rings so true.

How do you make time for you when you have so much on your plate? What’s your go-to “me time” splurge? 

I love a relaxing bath with delicious oils, a glass of bubbles and a good playlist.

Right, Catie wears the Ella Unitard in Pink Quartz. Left the Gwyneth Unitard.

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