While you may have spotted Cat Meffan from your Instagram feed, this London yogi has become more than one to follow. Influencing women all over the world with her impressive yoga moves and raw honesty. Channelling her expertise in wellbeing and teaching to balance her platform with creativity, spirituality and self-expression. Cat epitomises our #WomenOfSilou with her adventurous, fun-spirited and refreshing perspective. Our muse, Cat inspires others to be more honest and this week opens up about being a yoga teacher, transparency on social media and of course, tips for your next retreat.

Walk us through your usual day? Do you stick to a routine or are you a free bird?

I am very much a free bird when it comes to a daily routine. There are certain things that I will always start my day with; I’ll always have a cup of tea in the morning and then either do meditation or journaling or yoga practice or I’ll go for a walk. I try to do that before looking at my phone or laptop although there are obviously days where that doesn’t happen. It’s all just about doing the best I can to have a positive start to my day.


What’s your favourite thing about working for yourself?

My favourite thing about working for myself is actually exactly that! It’s being the free bird, being in control of my own diary and, even though it’s sometimes it’s hard to put boundaries in place with the amount that you’re working, it is so nice to be able to take the time out in the middle of the day and go to the gym or meet a friend for coffee during the week rather than having to cram everything into the evenings and weekends. 


What’s the biggest misconception about being a yoga teacher?

I think the biggest misconception about being a yoga teacher is that you’re also a physiotherapist, a doctor, a psychiatrist and a counsellor. I think that it’s seen that yoga teachers wear so many hats and obviously we try our best to help people evolve, help them grow, help them expand into their own journey but, ultimately, there’s only so much information that we can give. I would just say to anybody going to a yoga teacher, ask the questions that you need to ask about yoga and then go to the expert that is relevant to what you need for any other concerns.

You seem to always be between countries, where do you think feels most like home?

I’ve travelled a lot this year, but I have to say that the UK will always be home. Even if I don’t end up living in the UK, it’s where my friends and family are, it’s where I was brought up. The country is so, so beautiful and I absolutely love being there, it’s just that I do enjoy the sunshine as well and I love to see the world and immerse myself in other cultures.

What do you always take with you for a retreat?

On a retreat, I always take a good book with me. It’s really important that I have some downtime so that I can be the best yoga teacher that I can be for my guests. Sometimes, if I don’t have a really good book, then even when I’m not with the guests, I’ll open my laptop and do work or be tempted into doing other things. So having a good book with me is super important as it’s my time to re-energise.

What do you miss most about the UK when you’re away?

I’m definitely a summer baby, but in the winter I really miss how fresh and crisp the whole breeze feels on your skin. The other thing is obviously friends and family. I’m really close with my family and I love them so much, so I miss them when I’m away.


What would you be doing if you had not pursued your career as a yoga teacher?

I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t a yoga teacher! It would probably be something to do with either movement or mental health. I can’t see that I would have fallen into anything else after being a gymnast and a dancer when I was young, struggling with eating disorders and mental health issues and then going into corporate life and the 9 to 5 job and knowing that that just wasn’t for me. I can’t see that I wouldn’t have ended up staying there, so maybe a PT or even a psychiatrist. Anything that revolves around the study of the mind and the body. 

Tell us a lesson you keep trying to learn – what you hope to eventually master, in business or otherwise?

My mantra is actually what I’m forever trying to keep hold of. It’s “You can’t rush things that you want to last forever.”. It’s not necessarily saying that everything is going to last forever, but we’re in a world of quick fixes and it’s so easy to get caught up in that, even though you’re so in tune with yourself and what you need. We still have the habit of wanting things to happen straight away, so I am constantly reminding myself that if there’s a job that needs doing, to take my time and do it well. 


How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Relaxed, sporty and colourful! 

What’re your go-to places to find your stylist boho-inspired pieces?

I absolutely love Free People and if I’m not shopping there, I’ll go to charity and vintage shops. I also tend to buy locally from places when I’m abroad or travelling and that’s where I usually get all of those unique pieces from. 

You’re always active, what do you look for in your activewear wardrobe? 

My activewear needs to be that perfect blend between being stylish – something that I can wear from a yoga class from a gym workout, straight to brunch or a meeting – and functional. So something that both looks and feels good, whilst doing a good job at absorbing my sweat! 

What are your top picks from the SILOU collection and do you style them? 

Without a doubt, the Dita bra! It gives my bosoms all of the love and lift.  

 If you had to pick one style as your favourite SILOU-ette, which one would it be? 


All of the one-pieces! I have both the full length and the short version and I love them both. They just feel so good and cosy and I actually love both of those to teach  as well as practice in. 

You’re so happy and honest on social media – What’s your thoughts on Instagram, and how do you fit in into your day?

I think that the important thing that I’ve learned for me is to set boundaries when it comes to social media. When it comes to honesty, I’m only ever very open and honest and will talk about situations that only involve myself. When there’s a second party involved, friends, family, exes, current partners, I tend to not talk about it out of respect for that person, because it’s not just my story to tell. 

If you had to say one thing you love about your Silhouette, what would it be? 

If I had to choose one thing that I like about my body, it would be my legs. I’ve spent so many years disliking them and being so negative towards them, but actually they are incredibly strong and beautiful, curvaceous. They feel smooth and sexy and I love them a lot!!  

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