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Tatiana Kovylina created Silou with the vision of creating designs to enhance the body through innovative shape, design and fabrics. As a previous Victoria Secret’s model; Tatiana understands the importance of a positive outlook on the female form.

Silou creates lifewear’. It innovates by taking performance attributes into the everyday, creating styles that are not only sustainable but that tackle life, work and everything in between.


With active intelligence at the heart of design, and mindful manufacturing’ in Lithuania, Silou designs embrace new non-toxic fabrics and performance testing without skimping on the elegance of the female form.Silou is built around three core values: perform, support and enhance. We work on defining a lifestyle.
We set out to create clothing beautiful and classic enough to live up to these disciplines, also striving to ensure that designs are high-quality and care for our environment too.

“Classics are timeless. Style lasts forever. And the decisions we make today will shape our children’s future.



As a former model; Tatiana Kovylina has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. Working with some of the most renowned luxury brands; Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Oscar De La Renta, she has featured in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Tatiana is no stranger to how health and life choices affect the way your silhouette’ looks in what you choose to wear.

Tatiana created Silou to be a lifestyle; with the view to multi-functional design and embracing diversity at every turn. Silou designs go beyond a set sport, Tatiana works on solutions for every woman, all day long.

As busy mother of three, a dedicated Yogi, a global traveller and an amateur athlete, Tatiana understands the needs of a driven, passionate woman.

Tatiana believes that in simplifying the wardrobe, and creating long-lasting clothing that work with the wearer, Silou can work on enhancing your silhouette and boost your confidence too!

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“When I wear Silou, I feel feminine, confident and ready to take on the world. This is how we want our customers to feel – confident in their individual SILOU-ettes.”



As a bright-eyed first-year university student, Phoebe Greenacre had her sights set on being a Japanese-speaking spy. But her international studies and love of travel soon developed into interests far away from the world of espionage.

Instead, she’s spent the last decade building businesses and marketing high-end brands across the travel, fitness, health and luxury industries. After graduating, Phoebe entered the marketing world, honed her skills and quickly rose through the ranks to head up marketing at health and fitness app, TrueBe. Soon after, Phoebe had the entrepreneurial drive to start her own niche marketing agency that focused on helping international startups grow. The past two years have seen Phoebe focus on her own as Co-founder and CEO of Silou.

Travel, health and conscious living is a way of life for Phoebe, who is also a 500 hour qualified yoga teacher. The self-driven entrepreneur also finds time to run her travel and lifestyle blog, Wood & Luxe, join panel discussions as a speaker at various functions and teach yoga from rooftops to private members’ clubs all over London.

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