To celebrate International Women’s day, we have shared a curation of Empowerment Rituals from our #WOMENOFSILOU community. These women are business owners, working mums, entrepreneurs, go-getters and fitness instructors that have all inspired us here at Silou.

When it comes to empowerment we all need it from time to time, some of us more than others. What brings life and meaning to our every day? What helps us feel alive? What helps us live to our highest potential? What are those little things we do each day that help make us feel driven and ready to go? Our rituals are unique to us all and we all have our own ways to bring out that empowered women within us.

We asked these #WOMENOFSILOU the following question…


“What are your go-to rituals that make you feel empowered each day and why?”


Tatiana Kovylina – Co-founder of Silou London

I don’t feel empowered every day. No one does. Being vulnerable is ok as long as you accept it not as your weakness but, conversely-your power. As women, we go through different moments in our day to day life when we feel empowered, weak, strong, sensitive. If I were to name one rituals as such that would be yoga practice. By setting an intention at the beginning of each session I dive into a flow of energy that is healing, uplifting or whatever my mind/body is asking for. Good intentions, accepting, persevering.

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Phoebe Greenacre – CEO & Co-founder of Silou

Every day we are overwhelmed with a variety of emotions – the good, the bad, and the overwhelming. Every morning I allow myself some moments of silence with my eyes closed to just sit with whatever is there. Acknowledging the feelings. Acknowledging emotions. Acknowledging the thoughts. But at the same time, not attaching to them. Just letting them come and go like the ebb and flow of the ocean on the sand. I practice flowing with ease. I practice surrendering to the highs and lows. I practice letting go of the things that no longer serve me. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes, other mornings I might carve out 30 minutes before I feel empowered to take on the day.

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Cat Meffan – Yoga Instructor & Wellness Blogger

I have a few rituals that keep my mind at ease and strong throughout the day ranging from meditation to journaling, practicing yoga and working out. The newest addition to my morning routine though is a gratitude practice. It’s something that I’ve done one and off for a few years, but recently I’ve started every morning by sitting with and affirming what & who I’m grateful for in my life. It’s such a positive way to start my day and really helps me find a grounded headspace. Setting a positive tone early on in my day allows me to find strength, acceptance, and clarity in everything that follows.

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Melissa Ambrosini – Bestselling Author and Speaker

1) Meditation. I meditate for 20 minutes every morning and in the afternoon and this helps me feel centered and ready to take on the world. I love it! 2) I use essential oils (like Motivate and Elevation) that uplift my mood and make me feel powerful. 3) I move my body because moving the stagnate energy and changing my state always makes me feel awesome. 4) I nourish my temple all day with healthy delicious food. 5) I repeat mantra’s such as ‘I am healthy, I am strong, I am powerful’ when I am driving or before a big speaking gig.

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Kim Hartwell – Model, Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

My go-to rituals include some sort of movement practice and ideally some meditation. My meditation allows me to quieten my busy mind and helps me to focus on what’s necessary for me to work on and leave the rest alone. My movement practices empower me because they allow me to listen in to what’s going on in my body. It also just makes me feel alive. Movement is medicine after all. You also can’t beat a good cup of tea in the morning for sooting the soul.

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Aleska  – Owner of SKG Pilates

“I practice mental hygiene. Every day I do a thought download by writing on paper all the thoughts that are in my mind. I notice any negative thoughts that make me question if I am worthy, thoughts that bring my energy down. I throw away thoughts that don’t serve me and pick positive thoughts on purpose, thoughts that motivate and energize me. I grab my handbag, and with confidence, walk out the door.”

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Catie Miller – Owner of Xtend Barre London

I feel empowered when I make myself happy! The more I do this, the more I can give to those surrounding me. Positive thoughts, healthy body and happy heart breed so much success in life!

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Kat Pither – Owner of Yogi Bare

Ladies let me tell you a secret … you are your own Mr. Big, you are Ryan Gosling holding a bunch of flowers, you are Johnny Depp circa the 90s. No one knows you as intimately and beautifully as you know you so instead of working that against you, embrace it and date yourself so hard that if you had a Tinder Profile there would be a queue. It can be as small as giving yourself a moment to say “Yes I did do that and Yes it was really cool” or taking yourself for a date, playing tourist in your city, going for brunch or buying yourself flowers. It might sound silly but these simple acts of kindness really add up to true love and when you’re the person spending 24/7 with yourself make it true love. That and starting your day with a cracking playlist – maybe that something calming or maybe its super loud Cardi B. If it makes you feel like that unashamed, free, fun and unselfconscious 6-year-old in a tutu and wellies then you are doing it just right. Be lead by how you feel, not necessarily how you think.

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 Nicole and Lauren – Co-Founders of Ardere

“Our go-to daily rituals for empowerment are looking at our vision board each day and saying our affirmations. We created a vision board a few years ago which is a collage of all of our united dreams. We have it in a photo frame right by our front door so we see it every time we come in and leave our home, always keeping it at the forefront of our minds. Seeing our vision board always gives us that extra boost of empowerment to go out each day and strive towards making our dreams into a reality. The power of visualisation is immense! Affirmations – before we ever do a big presentation or event we always say positive affirmations to ourselves. This can be anything from ‘I am confident’ to ‘I am successful’ and then we always give each other a pep-talk. We like to coach each other and always lift the other person up! ‘Empowered women empower women’ is always our motto!”

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Clare, Rosa, and Hannah – Founders of Majo Medicine

We all usually start our day by meditating. We live in a fast-paced world with so much information coming in through social media, so it is important for us to ground and re-set ourselves every morning to focus on what’s important. If we are happy then we have more energy and inspiration which impacts everything we do, including our customers. We also have a serious fascination with our gut health, not least because it affects our skin. Our gut is said to be our second brain and it’s where we hold a lot of tension and energy. So eating gut-friendly/high in fibre foods every day, as well as drinking kombucha and taking probiotics every morning, helps to make us look and feel great which in turn is empowering!

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Caroline Kelley – Our campaign girl

One of my go-to rituals that make me feel empowered would have to be pilates, nothing makes me feel more strong and confident than that post workout feel and especially pilates because my body always feels right and aligned after it. My other daily go-to ritual would be dry brushing then taking a nice warm shower, I love feeling like my body is restored after a long day and this is something that has always made me feel so good after doing.

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Josie Ross –  Intuitive Energy Healing and Sound

Gratitude! I love to start my day by tuning into all of the things I had experienced the day before and all of the things I will be doing that day and feeling so thankful. I find it opens my heart space and makes me feel such joy to be aware of all the little things, moments, people and experiences that grace my life! If I ever feel anxious or overwhelmed I find this is an incredible yet simple tool which instantly shifts my vibration and brings me back into my heart! It can be so easy for our mind to keep us stuck in negative thoughts and become complacent with what we have around us in our day to day life. So just taking a moment to bring your attention to something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small, is truly empowering and will only attract more positivity!

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Yulia Kovaleva – Co-Founder of Re: mind Studio

Ritual 1 – Clearing my mind I meditate first thing in the morning, even if it’s for five minutes. It’s a chance for me to clear my mind and reset for the day ahead. Ritual 2 – The Planner Then I’ll make a checklist of what I need to do for the day. This always helps me feel less stressed! I don’t pretend that I’ll be able to get everything done but it really allows me to focus on whatever is most crucial. Ritual 3 – The Morning Routine I always try to have a full and healthy breakfast with a nice coffee to set the tone of my day. As a mother to a four-year-old boy, I tend to have busy mornings so making sure we’re both properly fuelled and ready for the day is imperative. I value our time together before a long day of teaching classes and working in the studio so I also drop him off at school every day so we can have a nice walk together in the mornings. Ritual 4 – Playtime Evenings are often spent disconnecting from the day to re-charge by playing with my son. However, I always review my to-do list before and re-prioritise for the day ahead.

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Amy Rushworth – Certified Coach & Mentor

My go-to ritual is dancing throughout my day! I’m not necessarily the most amazing dancer, but I love to get out of my head and into my feminine energy through movement. A little wiggle is a powerful way of shifting negative or stressful energy and moving into a high-vibe, empowered state between meetings and a never-ending to-do list!

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Calli Popham –  Yoga Teacher

I have a number of potent daily rituals, which help me ground myself and step in to my power. As a busy working Yogi Mama, my rituals are crucial yet have to be fluid in their timings in order to fit around school drop-offs, teaching, meetings, homework and general mum-life chaos, but one that always starts my day and has done for over 10 years is my Daily Gratitude Practise. I start every day writing down all the things I am grateful for and why, from the major things to the tiny, simple things, such as morning cup of tea! This daily ritual empowers me to move in to each and every day with a positive and powerful attitude and a deep sense of gratitude for living this life, this then continues to echo in to every single moment of the day. I cannot recommend this simple, life-changing practise enough.

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Rhiannon Lambert – Nutritionist and Author

For me, feeling empowered comes from understanding my thoughts, feelings, and actions and enabling myself to let go. I feel empowered when I make time to have a bubble bath at the end of the day, this is where I can truly relax and be kind to myself. In contrast, I also feel empowered when I hit my deadlines and complete my latest CPD nutrition course. These moments are of course aided by nourishing my mind and body and I do this by following my 4 R’s from my book ReNourish. RESPECT  – Your body deserves the best, so make it a priority to see eating as an opportunity to nourish. If you treat your body right, it will treat you right. REFUEL -Don’t waste your time being active without properly refueling your body with nutrition. You really can’t train your way out of a bad diet REHYDRATE We’re actually about 60% water so it makes perfect sense that we need to keep levels topped up. RECOVER – Recovery encompasses more than just muscle repair, it’s restoring your chemical and hormonal balance and mental state- don’t ignore your body when it needs to be rested.

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Rosie Millen – Nutritionist & Speaker

For sure the first thing to add to this list is exercise. I’m in the gym every morning at 7.30am for a 30 minute circuit workout which boosts my energy and really lifts my mood and mind. I feel super ready for the day afterwards. The second ritual I do each morning is planning my day. I have a daily planner where I write down how I want to feel and what goals I need to set that are the priority. This always makes me feel like my ducks are in a row and I’m ready to smash the day.

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Ashleigh Wilson – Dancer, Dance Trainer

I dedicate time each day to drive my own projects.

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Zoe-Maia Jarchevska – Founder of Maia Well co.

Every morning, I get up a little earlier than I might need to and incorporate some form of mindful movement to start my day. I often wake up with a busy mind and before I can start thinking about the day ahead or my never-ending to-do list, I’ll always prioritise some me-time as it truly helps to clear my mind and starts my day feeling energised, strong and empowered. As a Pilates instructor, my days are often filled with teaching movement to others so I will always make the time to nourish my body with kind and gentle movement before the day begins, even if it’s just a 5-minute juicy stretch. Being a morning person and with the nature of my work, I often start early and so getting into bed early is a huge priority for me as, without sleep, I’m never my most productive or happiest self. However, before I fall asleep each night, I will often get into bed with a cosy cup of herbal tea (Pukka sleepy tea is one of my favourites) and write in my MAIA well co. notebook one thing I’m grateful for that happened that day. It may be something external, such as the beautiful weather that day, or it may be something personal, such as an achievement for myself or my business. I’ll always read this again in the morning a few minutes after I wake up. This starts my day with gratitude and empowers me with the knowledge that wonderful things happen every day, acting as a reminder of the beauty around us or any of my personal achievements, no matter how big or small they may be.

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Lauren Armes – Founder of WellToDo Global & Business Coach

I love finding time to meditate – ideally 2 x 20-minute sessions but it’s not always possible when running a business. My favourite way to start the day is SLOWLY… I know that rushing does not work for me and doesn’t set me up for the most enjoyable day. Having a healthy, nutritious breakfast is also essential and drinking lots of water through the day! Finally… for me, it’s also remembering to breathe deeply and mindfully as I so often catch myself in that shallow breathing state.

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Sarah Malcolm –  Blogger and yoga teacher

For me, sitting & having breakfast without distractions is a huge moment in my day that allows me to be really centered. I’ve always been a breakfast lover & have looked forward to that moment before the day starts to sit quietly and just eat whatever I have made. A lot of the time I’m eating breakfast on the go out of Tupperware, but I always make sure I can find somewhere to sit and really enjoy that moment without emails or my phone. It doesn’t have to be anything profound, I think just taking 5-10 minutes to yourself to really focus on just one thing is a really empowering action, and so important to set up for the day ahead.

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Tara Gadre  –  Entrepreneur

I am all about the night before prep for a great next day. 1) So I always make my breakfast to take in my Tupperware to take the night before. Something quick like Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts. That makes my mornings much smoother when I’m up super duper early and sets me up for a great day.  2) I always lay out my clothes and pack my bag the night before and charge all devices. 3) Cleanse / Moisturise / Brush Teeth and Foam roll and stretch every night without fail so my back and shoulders and hips stay in good form and it also helps me sleep. 4) Set the alarm and Sleeping mask is key for an awesome deep undisturbed sleep!

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Mercedes Sieff – Founder of Yeotown

“My go-to ritual these days is making sure to spend a little time day each just to cuddle with my girls and name three things we are grateful for. I have a lot of demands on my time from various directions and this little daily ritual we do together empowers me to stay tethered to the really important things in my life. It creates a feeling of  immense gratitude for what is going strong instead of wasting my energy on what is going wrong.”

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Natasha Dansen – Founder of Red Agency

My morning celery juice, boosts my energy levels for the day. – Listening to inspirational podcast’s whilst I make my celery juice (Power Hour, Kitty Talks, How I Built This)

-Loud music in my headphones that really gets me going, whether pumped up for a meeting or working through a client project.

-Inspirational conversations with my sister on the phone, regarding running our own businesses, my nephew, our family and our dreams. Not forgetting the special group of women I have around me, supporting each other through day-to-day messages and thoughts.

-Taking a lovely bath, whilst watching a well written movie (4/5 movies per week) gets me really inspired as when I watch a movie that really feeds my soul, I think of all the incredible people behind the camera, the hard work that goes into it and it helps me to think big with my dreams!

– My crystals – I do not go anywhere without them, I have them in my pockets, in my underwear, bag, everywhere. They are my energy and protection through life.

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