We Pressed Pause with ‘Multitasking Extraordinaire’, Aussie born, Hermione Olivia.

Lifestyle and travel blogger, director of her brand consulting agency The H Collective and Co-Founder of fine jewellery line Atelier Romy, Hermione is the wearer of many different hats. We were lucky enough to take a spare moment out of Hermione’s busy schedule to speak to her about her life in Notting Hill and delve into the secrets behind how she juggles her busy lifestyle.

6 years ago you made the move from Australia to London. What made you choose to leave the sunny shores of Sydney?

The pursuit of a challenge and a change of scenery… oh and being on the edge of Europe doesn’t hurt for a travel addict.

Out of all of the places to live in London, why have you chosen to move to Notting Hill? 

Notting Hill is the ultimate representation of London – it has that ultimate mix of high and low. It’s also a little village and it feels like home. You see the same faces in the same places and it makes you feel like you’re part of something. I’ve lived all around London and this has always been where I come back to. I’m so proud to now be one of the locals.

You’ve been described as a ‘Multitasking Extraordinaire’ Can you explain to our Silou community what you do? 

I’m the definition of a “slashie”!! I consult luxury fashion and lifestyle clients with my team at The H Collective, I am the co-founder of fine jewellery label, Atelier Romy and I write about my travels and lessons along the way at Hermione Olivia.

How do you manage your time and juggle multiple businesses in one of the busiest cities in the world?

I am extremely disciplined and quite systems oriented. I also have a great team who keep me in check and work with my fairly tirelessly to ensure all the admin and my OCD ways of running things are seamlessly happening behind the scenes so I can show up, wherever I need to be. I live to travel and enjoy being able to work along the way so it just means my ‘work day’ can be in airports and on board a flight and by a pool in Sicily… I work and live always, it’s blended. 

What’s the most exciting thing about starting a business? And the hardest? 

I love the autonomy and freedom and being able to manage how and when and who I choose to work with. I only take on clients I truly believe in and work with people I trust, admire and like. My team are amazing, my clients are incredible and my business partner is chosen family. Working with good people ensures it rarely feels like work.

 The hardest thing about starting a business is the INSANE AMOUNT OF ADMIN! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that people would never imagine. Nothing is as glossy as it seems.

It looks like from the gram that you love using your passport. What’s your favourite destination so far and why should we go?

Unsurprisingly if you follow me on Instagram, I live to travel. My favourite destination… I probably would say home (!) Sydney, but as a travel destination, I spend most of my chosen time in Italy… Venice, Amalfi, Rome, Tuscany. If you feel like being adventurous, the most incredible experience of my life has to be Safari and specifically, Kenya. Once you’ve been on Safari once, it will become a constant pursuit. I’ve since done safari in Tanzania and South Africa. Being with the animals and quietly watching them interact in such a remote place, it makes you reflect on life and it moves you. Add it to you Bucket List!

We know you are a total morning person – what does your morning look like? How early is early? 

I find I am most productive in the mornings so I rise early which is totally normal for an Aussie but not so usual for a Brit. I rise at 6.30 most days and play music, get ready, listen to my affirmations, read my emails and plan my day. I  love coffee so I’ll make my first circa 7AM. I’ll usually try to do 2 hours of ‘real work’ before my team arrive and I start with the daily slog of emails, meetings, calls etc. Again, in the evenings, I do the same – it’s quite hard to get real work done when you’re working in the business, rather than on it.

Being Australian you no doubt have a high standard when it comes to coffee. Where’s your go-to coffee spot in Notting Hill? 

Refer to previous point ha! I love coffee. Dayrooms in Notting Hill is good for Italian coffee and of course, Granger&Co. I live there probably because it feels like you’e stepping into Sydney.

What’s your go-to favourite studios to sweat out your sins? 

When I make time to train, I like to train HARD. I love boxing at BXR, spin at Psycle and Reshape at 1Rebel. If I’m going to do yoga it’s with Chris at KXU.

Favourite Silou piece to wear whilst doing so?

I love your bralette’s and live in them.. oh and I even use them as bikini tops!! Boom – dual use! I also have to say a favourite style is the Phoebe unitard in black and white.

What was your last fashion splurge on? 

Chanel sling backs! I have my eye on the tan Loewe puzzle bag, too… 

If you had to eat one cuisine and the same cocktail for the rest of your life – what would they be? 

Always Italian! Wine and Pasta baby!!! All day every day. I love carbs!!!

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