In celebration of Mother’s day, we spoke to the women who inspire us. We interviewed 2 pairs of Mothers and their Daughters within our Women Of Silou community at their homes and the House of SILOU, to share important lessons we have learnt from our mothers and why we are thankful to them.

Meet Jen Landesberg and her Mother Jo

What’s a piece of advice that your mother gave you that you still use today?

Anything is possible!

– Jen


How do you celebrate Mother’s day?

We normally go out for a nice meal together as a family.

– Jen


How has your Mother or Daughter influenced your relationship with movement/yoga?

I remember when I was little my mum used to go to yoga classes and my grandma was always a big yogi! She used to teach me how to do headstands and tree pose in my living room.

– Jen

Jen becoming a yoga teacher has helped me get back into yoga. I love the way she teaches. She makes it so accessible and fun!

– Jo

How do you think your Mother’s advice has shaped you to the person you are today?

Jen: Mum always taught me to follow my heart and do what makes me happy. Not to be worried about what other people are doing and what they think of me. Having her support has helped me to become the more carefree person I am today and helped me to break free from the social norms of getting an office job and become a yoga teacher instead!

– Jen

How do you spend quality time with each other?

We do lots together, meet each other for lunch, go to movies, meditate together, at the moment we are doing a lot of puzzles together whilst we have to stay in at home!

– Jen

How do you think your advice is different from your son compared to Your Daughter? Or would this stay the same?

I give the same advice to my son and my daughter – believe in yourself and know that anything is possible.

– Jo


In your opinion, how different is the world you grew up in compared to your daughter?

It is hugely different. We had no internet or social media, so if we wanted to talk to people we would normally have to see them face to face. But now because there are so many different ways to communicate with each other, we get to build relationships that are much closer. Jen and I are always face timing and calling each other even though she still lives at home! I also love the fact I get to watch her stories and see what she’s doing most days – it makes me feel like I’m with her all the time.

– Jo

What was the best gift you ever gave your Mum on Mother’s Day?

My mantra is actually what I’m forever trying to keep hold of. It’s “You can’t rush things that you want to last forever.”. It’s not necessarily saying that everything is going to last forever, but we’re in a world of quick fixes and it’s so easy to get caught up in that, even though you’re so in tune with yourself and what you need. We still have the habit of wanting things to happen straight away, so I am constantly reminding myself that if there’s a job that needs doing, to take my time and do it well. 


What was the best gift you ever received on Mother’s day?

My children are always so thoughtful in what they give to me, I love everything because I know it comes from their heart.

– Jo

I remember when we were little our dad used to help us make breakfast in bed for mum every year on Mother’s Day!

– Jen

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