When life gets stressfully busy we often reach for our quick fixes, sugar hits and caffeine sources. These can often add to the stresses on our body, and not help the situation. We fall off the healthy eating bandwagon, work late evenings and skip our gym sessions as we are just too exhausted. Sound like a familiar cycle? We all know that this can happen and it can cause havoc on our health.

Our founder Tatiana loves nothing better than to escape it all and book into a health retreat. This precious time away from responsibility and the hustle and bustle can do a world of good for re-setting our systems and kick those bad habits to the curb. Here are a few reasons why going on a health retreat is Tatiana’s go to mechanism for coping with stress:

1. For quality ‘me time’

Being a busy mother of two boys and running a business often takes a toll on the soul. The consent “things to do” list keeps growing everyday and “me time” is little to none. Getting away on a health retreat, gives me back some head space and is the sweetest solitary I could imagine. Reading a book uninterrupted or getting up early for a yoga class feels so luxurious.

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2. To be around nature 

Living in the city has it’s benefits, but equally drains the physical body of negative ions. Pollution, traffic and the lack of nature sucks the life out of me. Most retreats that I choose are very close to nature. This opportunity to recharge to mother nature is exactly what I crave when wanting to reconnect to my mind, body and soul. There’s nothing better than hiking in the countryside or sitting on a cliff overlooking the beach to make me feel human again.

3. To clear the mind 

Having space away from the pulls of everyday life, I find myself being able to think clearer. Gaining perspective on my projects, family and goals for the year is really important to me. Going on a health retreat, not only am I clearing my body of toxins from food and the city, I also clear my mind. Setting daily intentions and having the time to meditate is a daily ritual I keep when I’m on retreat (not always something I can stick to at home).

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4. For an alcohol /caffeine /sugar free diet

Stepping away from family life, work engagements and the temptations of chocolate and champagne, I’m able to let my digestion and organs have a really good detox. Having all your meals deliciously prepared by detox chefs makes clean eating so much more sustainable. There are no temptations like chocolate after dinner, and you are surrounded with like minded people that are all the same detox journey. It helps me to re-start my healthy eating regime and I always feel amazing when I leave.

5. To appreciate coming back home at the end of it 

After a beautiful break away from the family and business, my energy is restored, my focus is realigned and I’m ready to get back home. There is no ignoring that fact that I miss my boys every single day that I am away, but it makes me appreciate them even more when I come home.

Taking time away from your life and giving yourself some “me time” is so important in this 24 hour-a-day connected society we live in. Clearing your mind, reconnecting with nature and having a break from your cruxes makes you a better business owner, partner and mother.

Tatiana’s favourite health retreat is Yeotown which is a 2 hour train journey from London to Devon. For more information, visit the Yeotown website.

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