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Berkeley Hotel

This summer we are collaborating with the Berkeley hotel to offer intimate yoga classes and sun salutations for up to six guests within the exclusivity of their rooftop garden overlooking the pool and Hyde Park beyond.  Read More

Intelligent Workouts – Ones to Watch

Fitness never stands still, constantly refreshing and reinventing to fulfil our cravings for all things health and wellness, and 2018 sees a smarter approach to working out. Things are slowing down, with LIT (low intensity training) and stretching proving the key choices. LIT is set to revolutionise workouts this year. Standing for ‘low impact training’, […] Read More

New Year Health Tips From Our Founder

As we emerge from the festive season into January, it’s easy to be tempted to slump into a lethargic state of hibernation – after all, we’ve had a month of eating, drinking, late nights and excess; it’s still dark, it’s still cold and now we don’t even have presents or parties to look forward to! […] Read More

5 Ways to Travel More Consciously

You’ve made the switch to ethical fashion and eco-friendly beauty products, and purpose-driven brands are high on your agenda, but when it comes to travel… how can you become more conscious? Like our Founder, Tatiana, for the modern, driven and adventurous woman… travel is a part of life. In fact, more than 8 million people […] Read More

From the Founder: Tatiana’s Top Five Reasons to Go on Retreat

SHOP THE DARYA T-SHIRT When life gets stressfully busy we often reach for our quick fixes, sugar hits and caffeine sources. These can often add to the stresses on our body, and not help the situation. We fall off the healthy eating bandwagon, work late evenings and skip our gym sessions as we are just […] Read More

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