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How Much Do You Really Know About The Brands You Are Buying

Behind every great piece in your wardrobe, there’s an even greater story. But beyond the clever marketing how much do you really know about the brands you’re buying?  At Silou, we are transparent about our design and manufacturing processes. Designed in London and constructed in Lithuania using non-toxic materials and mindful manufacturing, all of our […] Read More

Mindfulness Tips for Women on the Go

From candlelit yoga classes to drop-in meditation sessions, today the practice of mindfulness is more accessible than ever –the hard part for most is finding the time to fit it into their busy schedule. But with 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing mental health problems, including stress, anxiety and depression, carrying out simple […] Read More

Top Tips For Eco Friendly Clothing Care

With an ethical heart from conception, Silou is made for the mindful consumer. That means when you buy an item of clothing from us you can feel good about wearing it – from the inside out. From our non-toxic materials to our conscious manufacturing processes, we care about how our apparel affects the planet, and […] Read More

Tatiana’s Wellness Hacks for a Women on The Go

For the modern woman, investing in personal wellbeing is a priority that can easily fall by the wayside. We understand the importance of nurturing ourselves, and are mindful of the benefits, but more often than not we give our time and energy to other aspects of our lives – work, family, travel. Our Founder Tatiana […] Read More

4 Reasons to Choose Eco Conscious Beauty Brands

Whether you’re searching for cruelty-free products, non-toxic ingredients, or simply want to support brands that are making positive changes for the benefit of the environment, ‘eco-beauty’ is a growing category that covers all of these aspects. Like Silou, the brands that fall under the eco-beauty umbrella are mindful of their manufacturing processes, and transparent about […] Read More

#BeBoldForChange – International Women’s Day

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. Whether you call on the masses or call on yourself to help build a stronger and better world, we at Silou London are always striving to promote and create more inclusive, gender equal opportunities, where we can celebrate our individual achievements. It is difficult for some […] Read More

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