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Wellness retreats can be life changing experiences, with the opportunity to really unplug, to finally find the time to focus on your wellness goals and learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Read More

Silou loves plant-based food: A guide to London restaurants

As  conscious  eaters,  Silou  loves  grass  fed  meat  and  sustainably  sourced  foods,  but  we  also  believe  we  should  eat  more  plants!    Here  are  some  of  our  favourite  plant-based  eateries  in  London;  Read More

Who Made My Activewear

On Saturday the 28th April we are joining forces with like minded brands for the "Who Made My Activewear" fashion festival in support of International Fashion Revolution week. Read More


Whether we think self-care requires writing a journal, meditating or purchasing face masks and spa treatments, expect to see more conscious conversation and education about the true purpose of self-care and how to make it more accessible.   Self-care is growing as a healthy concept because these practices are crucial to finding peace of mind and strength to win in our busy […] Read More

Conscious Wellness Choices

In our never ending quest to achieve bodies and minds that are both cleaner, clearer and stronger, it can be easy to overlook that our actions may damage and weaken our planet. Leaving no footprint as we jog, stretch, dance and box our way through our fitness regimes is, of course, impossible – but being […] Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About The Brands You Are Buying

Behind every great piece in your wardrobe, there’s an even greater story. But beyond the clever marketing how much do you really know about the brands you’re buying?  At Silou, we are transparent about our design and manufacturing processes. Designed in London and constructed in Lithuania using non-toxic materials and mindful manufacturing, all of our […] Read More