As far as Silou is concerned, prioritizing your health is a prerogative throughout your life. We live with this ethos in mind day to day, allowing us the draw the best out of life we possibly can.

Discover the 5 ‘Blue Zones’ of the world, 5 places on earth where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else. Without supplement or medication, quite simply, these people live a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, happy mind, daily exercise and a low-stress life that incorporates family, purpose, religion, and meaning.

Ikaria, an island in Greece

Ikaria, an island in Greece where research suggests a Mediterranean diet rich in oil, homegrown vegetables, red wine and containing lesser amounts of dairy and meat products helps prevent several major diseases. Not to mention regular naps being part of their daily routine, it is proven that 30-minute naps in the afternoon lowers stress hormones & rests the heart.

Okinawa in Japan

Okinawa in Japan, home to the world’s oldest lady suggests living on a high soy-based diet and practicing portion-control, eating until you are no longer hungry rather than too full, this subsides inflammation. Along with adding simple movement into their daily routine, through activities such as gardening, tai chi, walking and even housework.

Ogliastra, Sardinia in Italy

Ogliastra, Sardinia in Italy is home to some of the oldest men in the world. Their diet includes drinking red wine in moderation, and eating a low protein diet. Combined with regular exercise, walking and working in the hills of Sardinia, these genuine patterns in behaviour benefit your body over time.

 Loma Linda, California in USA

In Loma Linda, California in USA lives The Seventh-day Adventists, a group of religious people who live tight-knit with a focus of positive enrichment for the body and mind. It has been said, being part of a faith-based community can add to 10 years to life expectancy.

Costa Rica

Consistent habits of a good diet and low intensity exercise aid the life expectancy of the people in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. They perform regular physical jobs, maintaining a sense of purpose throughout life and reside within strong communities and family networks.

The secret is lifestyle!

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