Let's Flow(Chart)


It’s not always possible to move your body. Sometimes you don’t have enough time. Sometimes you feel like being outside. Maybe you don’t have the energy to switch up your living space, to workout space to workspace and back again. Whatever the reason, it’s best to have backup options. Not just because they give you more places for getting in regular workouts but because a new mindset can encourage you to move your body—and think about fitness—in a new way.

Try our Workout Ritual Guide for when you can’t figure out what type of workout to do, or where to start. Next time you feel ‘bleugh’ hiit this chart.




Looking good on the outside doesn’t count for much if you’re not feeling good on the inside. Sometimes we need a reminder of that.

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It’s fair to say Mai Izumitani’s 2020 hasn’t worked out exactly as she’d expect. In April, Mai was set to host a Ceramic and Yoga flow with SILOU x Psycle - instead she’s been no further afield than her living room, like many of us.

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Here at SILOU, we consciously seek out and source sustainable materials and methods to create, package and deliver the pieces you know, trust and love.

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