We are choosing to wear activewear, whether we are working out or not. Fuelled by the rise of wellness and a move to healthier, active lifestyles, athleisure has seen the sportswear market grow 42% in the last eight years.

In a new era of functional ready-to-wear, athleisure 2.0 is best defined as an ‘approach’, a versatile way of dressing, which uses sports design with beautiful materials to enhance comfort and function. This approach to dressing has liberated us from discomfort, allowing them to take control and move freely with ease and confidence.

As well as evolving into an approach or mindset, there are other factors that guarantee it as a wardrobe staple;

Comfort factor: for a start, athleisure is just so comfy!

It’s a lifestyle trend, not a style trend: although athleisure emerged out of the wellness boom, it now reflects our busy, urban lifestyles.

It defies boundaries: be it product category, market level or activity, age or size, athleisure speaks to everyone. This is the only truly all-inclusive trend.

Conscious consumption: a focus on transseasonal functionality and lasting quality reduces the need for too many clothes.

Here are our choices for your Spring wardrobe: