On one of the hottest days of the year, our photoshoot was blessed with gorgeous weather, however probably a little bit too hot for our liking, but who’s complaining.

Our Collection has been designed to meet the needs of ambitious, active and driven women who often finds her self on-the-go. We enlisted the talents of international fashion photographer, Derek Kettela to capture the lifestyle of this busy woman.

Derek has a impressive background in high fashion sports photography and has worked with many celebrities including Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss and Poppy Delevingne to name a few. With such big credentials we were very excited to work with Derek.


International model Megan Williams was our english rose for the day.Right now you can spot Williams in her seventh campaign for Guess, but she’s also graced the glossy pages of Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and worked with Victoria’s Secret. Her natural beauty and down to earth nature made it a pleasure to work with her.

We borrowed Verity Parker from British Vogue for the day to bring her styling expertise to the shoot. Celebrity hair and makeup stylists, Sarah Reygate and Nicky Tavilla also worked their magic to keep the frizzy hair and dewy skin at bay.

Derek scanned the Shoreditch area prior to the shoot to find the best spots to capture our model on-the-go. To his delight, the streets of Shoreditch were extremely quiet due to the glorious weather — it seemed like the whole of Shoreditch had relocated to the local parks to soak up the sunshine. With a tight schedule, we followed Derek’s direction and set out on the first location, a quirky pedestrianised cobble street. As Megan floated behind the camera, we quickly realised the location fitted our “on-the-go” vision perfectly.

As the day went on the entire team worked together to make the shoot a success. The weather was warm and there was entire collection to shoot. Plenty of H20 was consumed, as well as iced almond milk lattes and a very necessary ice cream store run. Hello magnums!

Finally by 7pm the entire collection had been shot. We had travelled across 6 different locations in Shoreditch and all of our feet were starting to swell. Never the less, Megan powered through to the last shot looking as a fresh and energetic as she did that morning. As the day came to end we celebrated with a bottle of bubbles and a spread of nibbles to look over the outtakes. As our founder, Tatiana Kovylina says “Its such a pleasure to work with collaboration of talents who know what they are doing.” We are very pleased with the final outcome, the wonderful team we worked with and can’t wait to share the final images.