Sustainable SILOUtions for your Workout

By Nicole Gallacher

As our perspective shifts more and more towards sustainability, we are eager to learn more about environmental issues, climate change and what we can do to make a difference. In celebration of Zero Waste Week, we're sharing sustainable SILOUtions to live your chicest, greenest life possible. Make your workout routine a ritual that supports you and our planet too

No one can do everything,
Everyone can do something,
Together we can do anything

Be Active, Get Active

We firmly believe in buy less, buy better. SILOU is designed to stand the test of time, to move with you through the seasons, to last. SILOU is rooted in creating for better, using no single-use plastic, researching regenerated fabrics and new ways to move our body that supports this belief. Clean up your workout routine with Planet Patrol. A non-profit organisation that combines activities like paddle boarding, yoga and running, with litter picking and data collection. Move with purpose and eliminate single-use materials, while getting your endorphins - what’s not to love?

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We believe the best way to predict the future, is to create it.

How are you shaping your future?

Here at SILOU, we consciously seek out and source sustainable materials and methods to create, package and deliver the pieces you know, trust and love.

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Building a sustainable brand isn’t easy. With tighter margins and turnover, committing to a sustainable path is an even loftier goal, but one the team here at SILOU feels obligated to do.

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It’s estimated that over 60 million women worldwide, aged between 18 and 35 are working in the garment industry – and making less than minimum wage.

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